Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Z5, Woot, Ultimate, YouTube Premium and SonyLIVE: Which streaming service is best for you? # Lockdown


After the Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced that the entire country would be under 21 days wake lockdown due to the Kovid-19 alias coronavirus, the lives of people across the country were disturbed as they almost had to stay home. A month

From the first day of the downdown, Internet usage has increased as people spend their time playing games, making video calls and watching movies. In addition, people are relying on many OTT platforms to extend their time.

Moreover, streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and several other platforms have reported decreased video clarity to ensure a unified streaming experience during the national lockdown period. People are well aware of the OTT platform for streaming and killing time; However, there are also people who are unfamiliar with this platform. For a better understanding of these, this write-up will guide you to choose the best the nonline streaming platform during lockdown to keep you engaged. Take a look at the best OTT platforms available today:


By its looks, Netflix is ​​an expensive streaming platform available in the country. The most reasonable plan cost for Netflix is ​​₹ 199. However, users can view content on both a tablet or a smartphone in standard definition. The rest of the plans are 949, ₹ 699 and 99 799 per month, providing more clarity and more offers access to users.


Amazon Prime

The streaming service offers Amazon Prime customers a special deal where they receive more than what they receive from other streaming services. With Amazon Prime, users can also get free delivery of goods and services from Amazon, the e-commerce merch platform and streaming music. Amazon's monthly subscription costs 9129 and the annual subscription cost is 999.


By its looks, Hotstar is quite popular in India. Like Amazon, Hotstar offers viewers two exclusive subscription plans, such as Hotstar Premium and Hotstar VIP. The only difference between premium and VIP plans is that users can also enjoy live stream sports events in the VIP scheme. The monthly pack costs 9299 per month and the annual plan cost is 999 999 annually.

YouTube Premium

YouTube has its own shows and most of them are international web series. Regional content is very low. YouTube premium plans cost 9129, ₹ 399, ₹ 189.

Other streaming services that people can choose to stream content to eliminate boredom

Z5: Annual plan – 999 and monthly plan is ₹ 198.

Sonlive: Weekly Plan – ₹ 29, Monthly Plan – ₹ 99, Half Yearly Plan – 9299 and Annual Plan – 949.

Alt Balaji: Quarterly Plan – ₹ 100 and Annual Plan – ₹ 300.

MX Player: Free streaming with ADS.

Woot: Monthly Plan – ₹ 99 and Annual Plan – 999



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