Murderous comedian turned into a comedian for comedy by comedian Vir Das Netflix: release date, plot, trailer, cast revealed!


Hasmukh is the next Netflix original series to be released on April 17, 2020. The show is co-produced, co-written and starring comedian Vir Das. Hasmukh Saharanpur's country bumpkin comedian follows Hasmukh Sudia (Das), who dreams of becoming the world's greatest comedian. Unfortunately, he lacks the comic timing that is what comedy is all about. The disorder is that it all changes when he kills his mentor and performs much better on stage, and discovering that the only way he can sustain that level is to continue murder. This is how his attempt to murder begins. Das composed Hasmukh with Nikhil Advani and wrote together with Advani, Nikhil Gonsalvez, Suparna Verma, Amog Ranadiv and lyricist Neeraj Pandey. Nikhil Gonzalez is also the director. Hasmukh is produced by Emma Entertainment for Appliance Entertainment. Das said in a statement, "Presenting to a live audience is quite different than being in a fantasy film or series. I'm back on screen playing a weird and unusual character, so I'm excited. He is super ugly, soft-spoken, always relaxed until he kills or gets on stage. Stand-up comedians will relate to Hasmukh's journey… well, most of them at least. We're all looking for innovative ways to make people laugh, but this person will take it to the next level. The trailer should give you a sneak peek into what I'm talking about, but wait and see. "

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The trailer released by Netflix on Friday follows the journey of a young Hasmukh Sudia (Vir Das) from Saharanpur who wants to be the biggest star comedy of all time. But the obstacle to his path lies in his crippling creative barrier. Hasmukh continues to discover that his problem has been resolved before anyone goes on a stroke. It starts as an accident but accelerates quickly. The winning comedian turns into a serial killer in no time. With the help of his so-called 'star-maker' Jimmy (Ranveer Shore), Hasmukh sets up his job description, comedian by day and serial killer by night. Hasmukh is a series of absurd drama surrounded by plenty of jokes that make the show accidentally funny despite the darkness. The trailer has shown that Veer Das may seem a little strange to him as a native dynasty, but the question is whether his natural laughter comes to his aid during his performance. Ranveer Shore gives another interesting twist as a man looking to make a profit from these murderous adventures.


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Hasmukh is a series that will follow the journey of a young man from Saharanpur village who aspires to be the world's greatest comedian. Unfortunately, although he is a great writer, he lacks the sense of humor that does not make him a good comedian. But he has determination and determination and he is willing to surpass all the limitations to achieve his dream. He will go to any extent to give the world his talent. Find out in this series .How many are willing to go for recognition and whether they will be eliminated from the actions they do. Hasmukh is a story of unimaginable ambition and can create turmoil when it is not taken into account.

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For any series to be favored by the audience, it is most important to acknowledge the characters and, in addition, to love them. The actors in the skin of the characters need to do their job well and for that the directors need to select well-versed actors for the role. Apart from Veer Das, Hasmukh also includes the star cast of Ranveer Shore (Khosla Ka Ghosla!), Manoj Pahwa (Article 15), Lok Sabha MP Ravi Kishan (Mukkabaz), Amrita Bagchi (music teacher), Suhail Nayar (Hotel Mumbai). ), Inamulhak (Naksh), and Raza Murad (Padmaavat).

How to look at Hasmukh?

Hasmukh is a Netflix original series and will only be available for streaming on Netflix. Follow a few simple steps forward:

  • Download the Netflix app through the Play Store or App Store
  • If you do not have a Netflix subscription, please find out the right plan for you and subscribe
  • Once subscribed, login to your Netflix account
  • The season for Hasmukh which will be available for streaming from 17th April 2020

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