Money Heist Season 4 / La Casa De Peppel Release Date Delayed due to Covid-19?


The hit Spanish drama on Netflix Money Heist aka La Casa de Peoples is considered a very awaited season of 2020. The streaming giant previously reported that the fourth season of Money Hist will be released on Netflix's ecosystem on April 3rd, 2020.

Now, as the anticipation date is approaching, many reports are circling the social media platform suggesting that the release date of Part 4 will be pushed a little because of COVD-19.

No official announcement regarding the new development has been made from Netflix. In addition, the producers of the show have not announced a fourth release date.

Money heist

What is money heist?

Money Hist is a popular crime drama revolving around a group of smart robbers who have been named in the world's great cities. Robbers are smart and reluctant character "The Professor." Under the guidance of the Spanish government came together to plan a significant plunder in Spanish history.


In the last episode of Season 3, the audience was shocked to see Nairobi being shot and no one knows whether the character will return in the fourth. Thousands of fans around the world are waiting to hear what's coming next in Part 4.

Trailer and Plot of Money Heist Part 4

The creators of Money Heist are yet to reveal the plot of Part Of However, the trailer for Money Heist Part Of has already been released on YouTube by Netflix.



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