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Mission Antyodaya – In this article, we will tell you about the goals, objectives, goals of Mission Antyodaya and other aspects of this special mission. And how one can benefit and what specific criteria are required to benefit from the plan.

According to the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution of India, three-tier Panchayati Raj Institutions have been created. In which the responsibility of economic empowerment and social justice of the villagers has been assigned to the gram panchayats.

Our Gram Panchayats are helping to implement government schemes for all departments at the village level. Based on the Mission Antyodaya Survey started in the year 2017, Gram Panchayats are now making an integrated plan.

What is Mission Antyodaya?

The Ministry of Rural Development of the Government of India has planned Mission Antyodaya in the year 2017. The mission aims to bring progress to more than 6.5 lakh villages in the country. And our Gram Panchayat is playing an important role in achieving this goal.

A survey is being conducted about all the ongoing schemes in the village under Mission Antyodaya. And with the help of this survey, it can be known whether the benefit of government schemes is reaching the village or not.

If yes, how many people have benefited from it? And if not, data on how well these plans can get there will be taken with the help of Mission Antyodaya.

And this survey will be taken with the help of Android app, which you can easily download from Google Play Store, its name is Mission Antyodaya.

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What are the aims and objectives of Antyodaya Mission?

The Mission seeks to eradicate poverty from the country by 2022 by ensuring effective use of resources through various schemes with Gram Panchayats as a basic unit of schemes. Its center is mostly on the most backward districts of India.

Mission Antyodaya aims to survey and collect village infrastructure data for all the villages of GP on 143 questions covering 29 development schemes of 11th schedule.

  • The benefit of the government's scheme is to reach out to the original people of the village.
  • Better use of the rights given to gram panchayats in the constitution.
  • Ensuring the need and development of Gram Sabha through conversion of various government schemes.
  • The Government of India is working with Mission Antyodaya Survey to rid its village of problems.
  • To conduct annual survey at Gram Panchayat level to monitor the progress of development in rural areas.

Why Antyodaya Mission?

Its purpose is to organize different governments. Interference in the implementation already by the gram panchayats in various panchayats as a basic unit for planning of basic resources – towards ending multi-dimensional reduction at the domestic level on human and financial-saturation mode.Why this mission

The state-led initiative for rural transformation is to make real changes in the lives of 1 crore families in 5000 rural clusters of 50000 gram panchayats in 1000 days based on measurable results. (MoRD, 2018) in its first phase.

How to login and register on Mission Antyodaya Mobile App?

As we have said, 253000 Gram Panchayats of India will be covered under this mission. If your gram panchayat of your state is listed under this mission, then you can work with Mission Antyodaya. And you can also register on the mobile app.

Before registering, you should also know some more information like who can work within Mission Antyodaya? And who will authorize it? So let us know the full details.

Who can work with Mission Antyodaya?

I will inform you for information that anyone can register within the Gram Panchayat on the Mission Antyodaya application. But permission or registration to run that application will be activated only by the block level officer.

Where official frontline workers or surveyors, block level and gram panchayat level employees will do this work. Below is a table to understand more about this authentication or user activation purpose.

Role Controversy
State Administrator National Administrator
District Administrator State Administrator
Development block user District Administrator
Gram Panchayat user District Administrator, Development Block User

How to download Antyodaya mobile app?

For this survey, first, you have to download the application. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.Application interface

The app supports Android smartphones, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry and Tablet.

Download this application by clicking here.

How to register on Mission Antyodaya mobile app?

Follow the steps below to register in the mobile app.

  • Users must download the mobile app (Android version 5 and above available)
  • After downloading the app, as soon as you open the app, you'll be asked for a few permissions like manage photos, media, phone calls and location. Application permission
  • After downloading, if you do not exist, then click on the "Register Now" button and you will be directed to the registration page.Mission Antyodaya Registration
  • The page has a number of input fields where passport size photo needs to be added for registration in JPAG and PNG format and special details.Fill out the Mission Antyodaya form
  • After filling out, the user needs to click on the "Submit" button and will be notified shortly if you succeed in registering.Submit the Mission Antyodaya form
  • Once registered, the user can go to the page page and enter the page by providing an email and password.

Format for creating a password in Mission Antyodaya?

  1. Password should be 8-15 characters long
  2. It should have lowercase letters (A, B, C, D…)
  3. It should have a capital letter (A, B, C,…).
  4. And it should contain letters of letters (1, 2, 3, ..)
  5. It must contain a special character (@, #, $, etc.).

Example: Rise @ 123

What types of reports are available in the Mission Antyodaya system?

The marks of all the listed Gram Panchayats are available in the MA system keeping in view the parameters listed by the concerned State Government. (The number of parameters has been increased from 45 to 112 as per 11M Schedule of the Indian Constitution)

The report and score is based on various areas such as women empowerment, gram panchayat development, irrigation related aspects but mostly focuses on the functioning of gram panchayats.

  • MIS reports
  • Reports on infrastructure
  • Numbered reports
  • Score Care Report
  • Clean Energy Report

How to view and download Mission Antyodaya report?

In order to view and download the report, one has to download the official MA application. (Any user can view and download the report listed on the website).

  1. Follow the steps below to view and download the report –
  2. Visit the official website by clicking here.
  3. Now click on the report as shown in the photo below.Download and view the report
  4. Now select the report you want to view or download.
  5. When you click on your selected report, a report will be displayed to you immediately.

Questions of Mission Antyodaya

Who can work in Mission Antyodaya?

Only state, district, development block and gram panchayat workers can work in the mission and this is allowed by the higher authority.

What is the benefit of Mission Antyodaya?

According to the survey of Mission Antyodaya, plans for the development of Gram Panchayat will be taken by the government.

What is the main focus of Mission Antyodaya?

The target is to survey and collect rural infrastructural information for all the villages of GP on 143 questions covering 29 development schemes of 11th schedule.

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