Minati video out and Amir Siddiqui Tiktok account suspended


You all know that in the last few times, the atmosphere of Tiktok was YouTube. This daily cast is taking a new mode. Initially, all the fans started baking it because of it Amir Siddiqui Stupidity. Then, when Cariminati's video came out, it topped the video's most liked video. In view of this, this video of some heaters was filmed. But the thing to watch out for is that their subscriber daily is growing very fast. Soon, it will also become India's No. 1 YouTube channel, with its channel growing rapidly.

This was the only news item on YouTube when the video of Carminati was released. Due to some wrong ticketing videos, big politicians along with Sure Bharat are also opposing this app. Due to the video going viral in Tiktok, Tiktok's algorithm promotes it a lot. Because of this it also promotes anti-national activities. A lot of videos went viral, this is the platform in which Hindutva has been shot.

The youth of India are making many serial videos on this platform. For which many Tiktok accounts were also seen to be becoming Tiktok.

The sequence was triggered by a video of student Amir Siddiqui's brother being created while promoting an acid attack. Due to this video, his brother's account has also been suspended, as well as Aamir Siddiqui's ticket ok account.

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