Master Movie Tamil Book Office Worldwide Collection List on Office Fees


Master movie 2020: South superstar Vijay’s movie master has raged around the world. In India, it was said that the film was worthless and not good.

Now the film’s earnings are astonishing that much has gone ahead in terms of film collection. The film Biggill was also released along with Vijay’s film.

Collection of master book office fees

At the time, big and large were proving to be better in terms of collections, but now the matter has grown larger.

Master Movie Collection 2020

Analysts are describing the film and the film’s collection well. According to Selvaraj, Vijay’s latest film is showing its magic.

The magic of the film is going on at the box office fiss. Tamil Film Master International is also making a big noise. The film will not slow down easily.

According to Ranjit Kumar, the rum film Biggill earned 500 crores on World Wide Bx Office fees, also on Open Film Day. Congratulations!

after that, Master The movie continued to work and completed it for almost four weeks with no work.

The main look

As a result, the film earned around Rs 450 crore in its hometown of Tamil Nadu. The film made a record 200 crores. In Chennai alone, Bollywood Bollywood has made g1 crore.

It is being said about the movie master movie that the movie made 500 crores just before its opening day. Yes, the movie shakes from booking in advance .That was cool.


According to reports, the master movie has benefited greatly from the advance booking, which has earned the film 500 crores.

Number of screens for a master Tamil movie release

Directed by Lokesh Kankaraj, the film is a Spine Chiller movie run, as it is released in approximately 500૦૦ screens.

It should be noted that a one percent reduction over the first and second office office fees over the weekend is not necessarily a sign of film success or failure.

However, as low as the drop from the first to the second weekend, the film can earn a good deal of office fees compared to its opening weekend. According to Office Office Office fees, the average second-week drop for MCU film is 65%.


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