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Join the Battle Royale magical experience. Sit down and kill your enemies at all costs. By the way, the map is constantly shrinking. Therefore, the players will eventually be bench in the confined space. This makes destruction more inevitable. Download to experience all this for yourself. Mod APK

In the end, only the best magicians will come to the best and top. Make money and level up to earn more skins to use and show off your experience. Combine magic together and become a force to be reckoned with. Prepare your magical tools and go to the arena.

Developed and improved

As you continue to gain experience, you will gain more benefits and magical slots to use. There are two main ways to advance your level in the game. This is done by the following methods: Mod APK

  1. Picking up gems. This will give you a small amount of experience as you progress through each level.
  2. Second, beating your opponents will give you a big boost in experience. Make sure that if you lose, you will retire only at the expense of your own currency.

Master the elements

Similarly, there are many different compounds that can be achieved by combining different elements together.

The main elements of your disposal in are: Mod APK

Mixing you up together is devastating. For example, a mixture of water and fire will do lightning magic to fry your opponent. On the other hand, you can create burning boulders and lava balls by making fire and earth together. When you combine these three powers together you will unlock the ultimate power of storms.


But, you can stick with one type of element. This will lead to the end of elemental magic. A level 3 means will give you the power to bulldoze all your enemies by transforming them into living stones. There are still many secrets to unlock with 20 different spells from the master. Mod APK Latest Version

If you want to advance in the magical realm, just use the Mod APK Unlimited Gems at your own discretion. Thus, giving you unlimited life to continue playing even after death. You will be able to come back unless you claim victory for yourself.

That being said, there is no other way to be the best magician to see death on the face and laugh. Go ahead and download the latest version of Mod APK available on our page. The best mobile battle arena game for Android right now. At least, the most fun and addictive.

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