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You are looking for IPTV M3U playlists to watch TV for free and on any devices without cables !! You've got the best source of free IPTV M3U listings in 2020. We work here to collect and deliver you the best IPTV playlists, without having to freeze and buffer Links M3u8. So, now you can enjoy watching all the worldwide channels in full without any charge.

IPTV M3U lists that we are going to share work on all devices: Android, Windows PC, OS X OS, Linux, Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, TV B, X and many more devices.

All M3U playlist links posted in this field are tested before release, but you may not be able to play the links. Sometimes these IPTV servers come from a source. Free servers are not guaranteed and can be shut down at any time but don't worry we update our m3u listings on a daily basis.

What is M3U IPTV Playlist?

M3U (MPEG version 3.0 URL) is a file format intended to store a list of addresses, typically, audio dio files and / or video files. Built for playlists in the original Winamps software software, these files are simple text files that can be manually edited. M3U seems to be supported by most multimedia player software.

M3u list is a file in m3u format containing audio dio or
Video playlist. For the purpose of this tutorial, M3U List is a playlist
Contains links to IPTV channels
To watch TV channels for free, must read with VLC player.

How to use IPTV M3U playlists?

First you need to install IPTV Player on your device. Second, copy the MLU playlist URL or add your favorite apps like VLC. Download the M3U file to be able to play Player, IPTV Pro, SPTV, Oat Player, GS Smart IPTV, Rosadin TV, Wisplay and many more.

We are going to mention
Some of them you can use on your devices:

Smart IPTV

This app works perfectly on Android smartphones and cell phones, with Amazon Firestick being no exception, as it is fully compatible. It's a clean and very intuitive interface for viewing channel listings that we have added to playlists.


Another functional app for smart TV that many people currently have installed on their televisions is no longer in the official facial play store, but it can be installed as well. The interface is very similar to Smart IPTV.

Tt Taplayer

We're sure you'll find this app on its official website, you can download the APK file to install it on your Firestick using the downloader. In order to use this application, we need to create an account on its official facial website, remote or physical IPTV list is added from this website.

Perfect Player IPTV

From what we have seen, the full player IPTV app is still available in the Amazon Store (the official app store for Fire TV / Firestick devices).


GSE Smart IPTV and

Any of these two very good options because it works without any errors on Android devices, iPhones and many operating operating systems, we recommend you give it a try on your Firestick, we hope there is no problem. Unfortunately, we haven't tried it yet, but we'll leave a review here when we do.


If you have Cody installed on your Amazon Firestick, you have the opportunity to watch IPTV listings, all you have to do is install the Live Stream Pro plugin in Cody and that's it. To add Remote M3U list you have to go to Aden settings and paste the address of IPTV list there.

Of course, only you
Copy the IPTV playlist URL and paste it into the players on your devices.

So if you use your computer (Windows / MacOS) to get high performance then we suggest you install VLC Player Best IPTV Player for PC.

For Android phones and tablets, they are a lot of players that work on Android devices. You can try IPTV Player, its free app, stable and easy to use.

And those who use iPhone / M / C / iPad can add to the list with GSE IPTV app.

In Roku, you can use the web video cast application browser on TV.

If you want to see
M3U listings on your smart TV, you can use Smart IPTV, SSIPTV or OTT Player.

Many apps like Wisplay,
TT Player, IPTV Pro, etc. work in TV Basics.

For the Fire TV Stick, you
Smart can use IPTV application.

Get IPTV M3U playlist URL / file here:

The best source Gratis IPTV
M3U Playlists 2020, No Daily Fee Daily IPTV Links m3u8 Fixed and updated regularly
Work across devices.

Copy the M3U playlist URL from here and paste it on your player or click the download button below to start downloading your M3U file:






UK M3U List 1 | List 2 | List 3 | List 4 | List 5

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