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Apply LaborCardNline Odisha If you would like to apply for LaborCard Odisha, we have provided complete information in this article. And also provided a LaborCard application form Odisha PDF download link and if you want to check the labor card Odisha list and you can download the labor card online.

If you are a laborer, you must have heard about LaborCard Odisha. If you have not heard, we have given complete information about LaborCard Odisha. Advantages of LaborCard in Odisha and how to apply it online.

What is a Labor Card in Odisha?

The labor card is for the labor of Odisha. There are many benefits to this card that only the laborer gets. Laborers also receive annual financial assistance from the government in Odisha with the help of LaborCard. We have given complete information about LaborCard Odisha; From that, you will know how you apply LaborCard for Odisha.

This card is available only to those workers who work as construction workers. And this card is only available to Odisha permanent residents of Odisha.

To create this card, you can use both online and offline offline methods. The government has given the people of Odisha both ways.

All information regarding labor cards here.

LaborCard benefits in Odisha

This card has many benefits, we have shared below. If you are a labor card holder or you want to make a labor card, but you do not get any information about the benefits of a labor card.

So this article will help you to know the benefits of Odisha's LaborCard, and you will find answers to all the questions on the labor card –

Let's know what the benefits of the Odisha Labor Card are –

Plans Benefits
Accident Assistance –
  • Total disability due to accident is Rs. 1,50,000 / –
  • In case of loss of an organ / eye, Rs. , 000/1 / – will be provided or
  • , 000, 1 / – will be financed for permanent disability without losing two organs / eyes.
Death Benefit
  • The laborers will be provided financial assistance of Rs.
  • Rs. 2,00,000 / – will be paid to the workers who died in the accident.
  • And assistance for funeral expenses of Rs. 5,000 / -.
Medical benefit
  • According to the RSBY, medical expenses will be paid for the treatment of major elements.
LaborCard Scholarship Odisha
  • 5000 / – per year for students of class 11/12,
  • BA, B.Sc., B.Com, PG Rs. 000૦૦૦ will be paid,
  • For ITI students, Rs. .7૦૦૦ / -,
  • 10000 / – per year for Diploma / Polytechnic students,
  • Rs. And medical.
Marriage Assistance
  • Rs.25,000 / – Marriage Support The financial assistance will be provided to the working family.
Maternity benefits
  • The maternity benefit will be Rs.8000 / -.
Assistance in purchasing functional equipment
  • Assistance for the purchase of functional equipment Rs. 4,000 / -.
Assist in skill improvement
  • Financial support will be paid for skill upgrades.
Pension Pension will be paid according to government rules

All of these benefits will only be available to existing cardholders. But to take advantage of all this, the worker has to submit the application in different ways. Only then can the worker get all of these benefits. So let's know who can submit an application for LaborCard Odisha. What should be the eligibility for Odisha labor card?

Who can apply for a Labor Card?

As you know, this is a labor card and only workers can apply. If you do a business, then you cannot apply for it. You must follow the list below and the qualification should be as follows.

Labor Eligibility for Odisha LaborCard –

  • The laborer will be a permanent resident of Odisha
  • The applicant will be a worker
  • Labor age will be between 18 and 59 years

The range of labor should be as follows:

  • Unskilled workers are engaged in construction
  • Raj Mistri
  • Assistant in Rajmistry
  • A worker engaged in the construction of a bridge dam
  • Carpenter
  • Blacksmith
  • Painter
  • Rolling driver
  • Engaged in electrician construction
  • Floor / Tiles Mechanic Helpers
  • Center mechanics
  • Get Grill Welding Mechanic
  • One worker engaged in concrete mixing
  • Women Construction Workers-Reza
  • One worker is busy running modern construction equipment
  • Advertisement
  • The watchman is at the construction site
  • Plumber / fitter
  • Workers are engaged in grinding stone bricks
  • Temporarily unskilled workers are involved
  • MGNREGA workers

The above-mentioned categories should only apply if you can apply for this card. Let us know how to apply online application for LaborCard in Odisha. Learn about ministerial plans for your state.

How To Apply Labor Card To Odisha Online

There are two ways you can apply for an Odisha Labor Card. This mode is Nonlinear mode and the other is Fine mode. You can apply both ways.

To apply offline offline, you must download the Labor Card Application Form PDF from the link below. And fill in the offline offline form and submit your block office fee.

અનુસરો Follow the steps below to fill the Online Labor Card Apply Odisha Form –Labor cards apply online in Odisha

  • First, you click here
  • Now the official page of LaborCard Odisha will open
  • Now you click in the Appline app in the top menu bar.
  • After that, a new page will open where all your details have to be filled. For example, fill in your name, address, Aadhaar number, mobile number, email id, etc.
  • Then fill in the captcha and submit the form nonlinear form.
  • An acknowledgment receipt has now been generated. Take a printout of this.
  • After this, you will have to go to your block office fee with a copy of the acknowledgment to complete your labor card verification process.
  • And after getting verified by the field officer, you will get a labor card.Labor card Odisha application form

So this is the way to apply for a LaborCard in Odisha. If you have a problem with it, then comment and say below. Let's learn how to download all the labor cards related to the form.

Labor Card Odisha Application Form PDF

If you want to apply offline line for LaborCard in Odisha, you will need to download the LaborCard Odisha application form as mentioned below. If you are a labor card holder, you should download the application form for other plans to apply for a labor card.Labor Card Odisha Registration Form

Form Download link
Download the LaborCard application form Click here.
Accident Form Click here
Death Benefit Form Click here
Form of major illnesses Click here
Maternity benefit form Click here
Education Assistance Form (Labor Card Scholarship Odisha) Click here
Funeral expenses form Click here
Marriage Support Form Click here
Working equipment / safety equipment / bi-cycle form Click here

How To Check Odisha Labor Card List And Download Labor Card Odisha

If you have applied for a labor card and you want to check it. So we will tell you how to check the Odisha workers' card list. In addition to checking your name, you will also be shown how to download your labor card. So let's know how to check the LaborCard list in Odisha –Odisha labor card list check

  • First, visit the official page of the Odisha Labor Welfare Board
  • Currently, Odisha's Labor and Labor Welfare Board website will open
  • Click on the report in the menu bar you are there.
  • Now you will see all the districts of Odisha with the total number of beneficiaries in the district.
  • From there you select your district and click on the number of beneficiaries
  • Now you can see a list of all the beneficiaries in front of you.
  • Find your name from the list
  • And click on the registration numberList of Odisha labor cards
  • After clicking, your labor card will be displayed to you.
  • Take a print nowDownload Odisha labor card

Watch the video for a better understanding –

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