Kotigobba 32020 B Office X Office Fees, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release and Story


Cotigobba 32020

Kotigobba 3b Office x Office Fees: So shoppers today, I'm going to inform you about Cotigobba 3 In this post, you will find a lot of important information about this movie. So let’s start this issue without delay. Kotigobba 32020 B Office X Office Fees, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release and Story

Being a Kannada film, Sudip is seen in the lead role. And this may prove to be a better film for you. This is Sandeep who is a very big star in Kannada film. He has made many films in his life. And all his films have been super hits so far.

Kotigobba 3 full movie download link has been leaked by Tamilrockers

Kicha Sudeep has done many films now. He has done films like before in Bollywood Domineering 3, Say Ra Narasimha Reddy And Pilwan In the south. All these movies have collected more than that . 100 C.R. B on office x office fees. That you would know. So let us know more about his movie.

Kotigobba 3B Office X Office Fees, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release and Story

You probably know the basics inside this post. So let’s talk about some more information about this. This is a Kannada film made in Kannada language. The film is directed by Shiva Karthik and produced by Sorappa Babu, Rockline Venkatesh under the banner of Rockline Entertainment Productions. If we talk about his star cast, you will see Peter Miliswick, Nawab Shah, Sudip star in it.

Critics rating: N / A

IMDB rating: N / A

Individual rating: 6-10

.. Release date March 19, 2020
2. Star cast Peter Milisevich, Nawab Shah, Sudip
3. Director Shiva Karthik
4 Author Sudip
5. Style Action
6. On the basis of N / A.
7. Estimated budget C 28 C.R. (Cost + Publicity)
8. Office x Office Fee Collection Domestic: N / A,
Worldwide: N / A,
9. Industry / Language Sandalwood / Kannada
10. Creators Sururppa Babu, Rockline Venkatesh
11. Product
Rockline Entertainment
12. Story and tagline Story-line: After doing a lot of research on the story, I have found some information to tell you about it. In this, Raw is playing the role of a hacker and is being seen as a race.
13. Trailer / teaser
14. Through music Director: Arjun Janya
Lyricist: N / A Company: Ananda Dio Video
15. Songs and singers

You must have known the basics about this movie. So let me tell you a few more things

Budget and Office x Office Fee Collection

Everyone wants to know about the budget of the film, then I will tell you about the budget of this film within this post. How much did it cost to make this film and how much will it cost. Its budget has been kept C 28 C.R. With its production costs. The office x office fee collection decides about her story and star roles.

Kotigobba 3 Budget: –

Budget Rout 28 CR * Route data

Kotigobba 3B Office X Office Fee Collection: –

India Net Collection Rout 138 CR * Route data
Earnings net collection Rout 50 Cr * Route data
Worldwide collection Rout 188 CR * Route data

Weekend Office x Office Fee Collection: –

First Week (Collection) Rout 41 CR * Route data
Second Week (Collection) Rout 68 Cr * Route data
Third Week (Collection) Rout 29 CR * Route data
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Hit or flop

The hits and flops of the film decide on the budget of the film and the office fee collection. According to its budget, the collective is also good. Kotigobba 3 is the budget of the movie Cr 28 crore. And has its Indian net collection 8 138 C.R.. So it has proved to be a superhit.

Kotigobba 3 hits or flops Superhit * root data

Disclaimer: –

There is some information in this information that I will tell you about. To understand you better. Which you can estimate how much its collection and budget can be.

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