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Much Louder's stand-up comedy competition is very popular among communists. After the first season premiere of Kik Mist on Amazon Prime Video, the series was considered the most watched series on an OTT platform across the country.

Kik Mistan is a huge success and has already released some asons. The show's creators have revealed that Comicston will return with a third season. Now fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement and release of the series.

Judges and ComicCast Season 3 contestants

The release of the third season will be a treat for audiences across the country. Many talented comedians of the country have gained the recognition and appreciation of the audience due to their competitive shows. One of the most important aspects of the show is that when this iconic comedy personality attracts them with stiff competition and their performance the audience laughs to their heart’s content.


The first season of Kik Mixtan was decided by Sapna Verma, Kaniz Surka, Tanmay Bhatt, Kenny Sebastian, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kannan Gill and Naveen Richard. The judges for the second season, on the other hand, were Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kaniz Surka and 'Sakath Lunda' Zakir Khan. It is expected that new judges will come in the third season which will make the series very interesting.

Comicstaan ​​3 release date

The official release date of the third season is yet to be announced. However, some sources have revealed that the series will be released sometime in January 2021.



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