Khatran Ke Khiladi 10 Winners – Read details of Karisma Tanna Rohit Shetty’s reading, read the latest TV news


Famous TV actress Karisma Tanna has recently appeared in Rohit Shetty's reality show Khatran K Khiladi 10 (Khatran K Khiladi 10). Karishma Tanna, who is close to Vijay, is getting stiff competition from Karan Patel, Bright Prakash, Shivin Narang, Dharmesh Yellende and others. In this show, if we talk about the journey of Karisma Tanna, it is commendable. Karishma Tanna has done everything well and she has often received praise from Rohit Shetty. In this case, if Charisma Tanna emerges as the winner of this show, it will not be shocking to her fans.

On social media, the fans of Karisma Tanna say that she is seen as the winner of this show, a big news is coming for all such fans. According to a post on social media, Karisma Tanna has become the winner of Rohit Shetty's show Khatran K Khiladi 10. In this post, a beautiful picture of Karisma Tanna has been written that she has become the winner of this show.


Karisma Tanna was very scared about this show

In the early days, Charisma Tanna's face burned, but over time she overcame all her fears. While Charisma Tanna's journey is full of adventure, it is also true that despite being a part of the show she was very scared.

In an interview to Times India F India, Karishma said, "It was nothing short of a task for me to make this show yes. You have to be so confident in yourself that you will work hard. Once you say yes, you cannot sit back. The channel has been calling me for this show for the last time because they think I can do it but I have no courage.

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