KGF Chapter 2: Release Date changed to different date due to COVID-19 downdown


A few days ago, a report in an important report related to KGF Chapter 2 stated that the plot of KGF Chapter 2 had leaked to the Internet. Nevertheless, a new and new report on the film has emerged which has begun to circulate on social media. Recent reports indicate that KGF2 release date has been postponed due to coronavirus outbreak.

By its appearance, the KGF Chapter 2 release date has been postponed, if recent reports are taken into account. KGF Chapter 2 is slated to release in theaters across the country on October 23rd, October 2020, however, according to a new report, the film will release on December 21, 2020, just like the first film in the franchise.

Coronavirus has been infected all over India

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the entire South Asian country, India is on lockdown and several TV series and films have been stopped shooting. Reports indicate that both the crew and the cast members of KGF2 have a few scenes that are still shooting.


The first installment of KGF was also released on December 21, 2020 and the film was a huge hit in the country. With legendary actors like Ravina Tandon and Sanjay Dutt joining the actor, the second installment of the film is bigger than ever.

The final announcement of the KGF2 release date has not been announced by the manufacturers yet. Moreover, the end of KGF2 will give fans a heartbreak as Yash's character will be killed by the order of Prime Minister Ramika Sen, represented by Ravina Tandon.



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