KGF Chapter 2: Story Leak – Raveena Tandon orders order of cops to kill Yash’s character


The second installment of KGF, KGF Chapter 2 is undoubtedly the much awaited film of 2020. KGF Chapter 1 created a history in the country when it was released in 2018. In addition, millions of people across the country are waiting to see the sequel to KGF1.

In the meantime, tllywood has revealed that the required plot of KGF Chapter 2 has leaked to the internet without any official confirmation.

What is the KGF Chapter 2 Conspiracy?

According to the leaked plot, the story of KGF Chapter 2 is about to end with great sadness for the fans. The film may be unbearable for Yash fans as the KGF king who kills all the film’s opponents to the top will die at the end of the film.


The story suggests that the Prime Minister of India, played by Ravina Tandon, namely Ramika Sen, will order the policemen to kill the Rocky brother. In the meantime, the only thing fans can do is wait until the sequel KFG2 is released across the country on 23rd, 2020 to find out if the leaked plots are true.

The film’s actors and producers have not confirmed the leaked plot.

The second installment of the KGF franchise, KGF Chapter 2, is getting better and bigger as well as leading Bollywood actors like Ravina Tandon and Sanjay Dutt are included in the cast list to introduce the film’s leading and influential roles.



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