Karthika Deepam 26th January 2021 Written Update: Karthik refuses to hear anything from Anji against Maunita


Karthika Deepam 26th January 2021 Written update on telexpress.com

The episode begins with Anji's silence car. Maunita goes to meet lawyer Sujatha and asks for advice on how Karthik Hima can get possession from Deepa. Sujatha says that if Hima wants to live with Karthik, the court will give custody rights to Karthik. Maunita Khush says that Hima likes Karthik so we will tune her and she leaves Sujata's house before Priyamani's phone rings, Maunita happily attends and tells her that Hima will reach Karthik very soon. Priyamani says that you can happily act as his mom to be Karthik's wife. This connoisseur listens more than Anji calls Deepa and asks to meet her. Deepa leaves Hima at home and agrees to meet Hima rather than telling Hima to never go anywhere without informing her. Hima agrees.

On the road Karthik thinks about the recent events how Hima refuses to come with him without Deepa and Saurya, he thinks about how to solve this problem. Anji sees Karthik on the way and he thinks of telling Karthik everything about silence. Anji walked towards Karthik and the car was going to hit him but Karthik rescues him in time and asks why he came. Anji says she wants to say something about silence. Karthik stops him and asks who sent you? How much they gave you. Anji tells him to listen but Karthik refuses to listen to anything and warns Anji that if he says anything about silence he will fire him and he tells him to stay away from his personal affairs. Anji leaves.

Munita thinks a good time has started for her and she plans to meet Karthik to tell him about this good news so that he can capture Hima. Aditya asks where his parents are going. Beauty says they will have breakfast. Aditya asks how can you take food? Don't you take care of the brother? Think about how to make it normal. Beauty says Karthik will bring snow, it is not in our hands. Aditya says go keys and bring Hima. Beauty says tell your brother to bring Hima. Aditya says that you support Deepa Vadina more than your son for your image. Beauty slaps him and says that your brother hurts everyone with his suspicion, I support Deepa because it is true and once your brother finds the truth he will burn in guilt, if you have the courage he will doubt from your brother Removes and does not talk. Disappointed, Aditya left the place.


Deepa waits for Anji and thinks what he wants to say to her. Anji met Deepa. Deepa asks why it is late. Anji says that Doctor Babu is not ready to listen to anything against Maunita and he is trying a new way to get closer to Karthik Babu. Deepa asks if he tries to tell her anything. Anji says yes I tried but he sent me without hearing anything and questioned who sent me, today I followed the silence, met the lawyer to get Karthik Hima custody. Deepa looks ahead.

Preep – Maunita sees Anji talking to Deepa. Maunita breaks Deepa’s phone and tells him that he will go to great lengths to get her Karthik.



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