Joker Movie: The final Joker trailer has started the movie story and cast


Joker Movie: S.Oh, today we will learn about the Hollywood Anonymous Joker movie, let's move on without wasting time. This is a crime / psychological thriller movie, in which you will get to see bloody and we will get a very good social message in it, so we criticize this film for many more things.

Joker Movie

Joker movie story and star cast

In the Joker movie, you will see lentil actor and producer Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role / Joker role in America, and in it, you will find Zazi, Robert, Mark, Francis, Shea Whigam, Bill Kemp, Josh Paes, Glenn, Brian Tyree. To watch in this movie.

Release Date: October October, 2019 (United States)

In the trailer of this movie, you will see that Joakin in the character of Joker tries to make the child laugh in the phoenix bus. This behavior of the Joker was not liked by the mother of one child. The Joker is seen trying to endure in this trailer but some bad guys try to make you laugh when they see the poster sent by the Joker and the same poster runs away with the bad And the Joker seems to be hitting a lot.


Bombed comedian Arthur Flake experiences sinful thugs while repairing the streets of Gotham City dressed as a comedian. Rejected by society, Fleck begins a moderate difference in aggression turning into a criminal genius known as Lake Joker.

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Arthur of Phoenix “Not really a traditional joker. What's more, he doesn't display it as the things he has come to worship about the Joker, "says Phillips." This character is alternately bowing to him. "

The executive similarly set up the "Joker" in the late 1970s and mid-80s indefinitely, "presenting" Gotham as a separate city in this way "as much as" separating it from the material, so we show the Joker there. Also, the current comic-book has not been contracted or captured with Motion Pictures. "

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