Join Rucha Pathak Official Facial Excel Entertainment 2021-2022 Revised Team


Richa Pathak Who is a filmmaker and actress with money. Prior to this, Disney / UTV and Foxstar Studios were involved in India. Now news is coming that he will leave both these companies and Jain Excel Entertainment. Because, so far, Excel Entertainment India has not been able to take its steps properly. It involves a lot of professionals to do their job well and build a strong team so that they can develop well. Join Rucha Pathak Official Facial Excel Entertainment 2021-2022 Revised Team

Join Rucha Pathak Official Facial Excel Entertainment 2021-2022 Improve Your Team

As many people may know about Excel Entertainment, it has produced a lot of movies covering all the languages ​​of India. Richa Pathak, a very old and respected producer and actress, has just hired him.

Join Rucha Pathak ial Facial Excel Entertainment

Disney has released a number of animated movies in India which have also proved to be superhits on both office fees. The Lion King, who arrived in 2019, broke the record for all animated films in India. There are many more films besides this.

Richa Pathak has also made several films, including Neeraja, which was released in 2016, starring Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Yogendra Tiku.

Apart from many other films like ABCD (Any Body Can Dance), Barfi !, Pan Singh Tomar, Children's Party, No One Killed Jessica, Pankhar, Dev.D, Welcome to Sajjanpur, Mumbai Mary Jaan, Aamir, Pyaar Ke Adasar, Ankaliye Eat a laugh, a word, a popcorn, a player! Mast Ho Jao Producer and Speaking of Acting,

He produced and when it comes to acting, the Children's Party played the role of a news reader and the publisher played the supporting role. Apart from this, he has also been given many honors in his film career.

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