Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz Answers Unassembled Today 29 January 2021


    Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz Answers 29 January 2021, Jio Oreo Unscramble Answers Today 29 January 2021 – So Hey Friends of January 29 Jio Oreo Unscramble Quiz has been launched. We have told you all the 4 correct answers in this article about this "Orio Play Pleasures Answers Today".

    Participate in this game "Jio Oreo Unscrambled Answers Today1GB to 100MB of internet data. There are many people who want to know the correct answer for this quiz of Geo contest. In this blog post, we have said about this “29 January Jio Oreo Unsembled Quiz Answers“.

    If you have found this and come to our article "Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz January 29 Answers“Then you are in the right place. Below you can see all the correct answers to this quiz.

    Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz Answers, January 25 Win Exciting Prize

    How to Play Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz – 29 January 2021

    If you are a Geo SIM user, then you are eligible to play this quiz.

    Step 1Go to Google and Apple Play Play Store: Download My Geo Mobile App.

    Step 2: I have to open my jio application and it will take access in Auto Tomatic SIM.

    Step 3Go to the Geo Engagement section:

    Step 4Click here: Start playing "Oreo Play Pledge Quiz".

    Step 5All 4 answers:

    Step 6: You deserve to win amazing prizes.

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    Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz Answers 29 January 2021 (Jio Oreo Unscrambled Answers) Winning exciting prizes

    Xiaomi’s new quiz contest is live daily at 12 p.m.


    Rewrite new answers

    Today Geo Orio has unscrambled answers 29 January 2021

    1. Answer – CAR
    2. The answer – music
    3. Answer – Sun glasses
    4. The answer – chips

    Today Geo Orio has unscrambled answers 28 January 2021

    1. Answer – Harry Potter
    2. Answer – ALADDIN
    3. Answer – Wizard of Oz
    4. Answer – Sleeping Beauty

    Today Geo Orio has unscrambled answers 27 January 2021

    1. Answer – Spano
    2. Answer – Cloth
    3. Answer – OREOS
    4. Answer – Lemon

    Today Geo Orio has unscrambled answers 26 January 2021

    1. Answer – Tykes bucks
    2. Answer – Card
    3. Answer – Science
    4. Answer – Marker

    Here are the answers to the 25th January 2021 Geo Orio Uncategorized

    1. Answer – M.I.C.
    2. Answer – Guitar
    3. Answer – Oreo Shakes
    4. Answer – Nurse shoes

    #Oreoplayp pledge

    Click and play Amazon Quiz right now


    .. 1 GB data
    2. 100 MB data

    Jio Oreo Play Pledge Quiz T&C

    1. The campaign will begin on January 19, 2021 and end at 11:59 on February 17, 2021 ("Campaign Period").

    2. To qualify for the campaign, during the campaign period, you must visit MyJio.

    If. If the user does not have the My Geo app installed, they can install it from the Android Play Store / Apple Play Store.

    This. Take part in all the good answers of this quiz contest.

    Mon. Mondelez and / or campaign partners publish such selected images on the OREO wall within the campaign and / or use such selected images for campaigns, promotions and ads on social media websites, handles, pages, etc.


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    FAQs – Jio Play Unsorted Promise

    1. How to play Geo Unsramble Quiz?

    To participate in this Uncategorized Geo Quiz, you must have the My Geo app. You can participate in this contest by opening the My Geo app.

    2. How can you redeem the data in this unsembled quiz?

    To redeem the internet data won in this Play Pledge Unscrambal Quiz, open the Voucher tab in the My Geo app and click on the Redeem button.

    3. When is the Geo Play Pledge Quiz released?

    Jio Play Pledge Quiz every day at 12 p.m. Is made alive on

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