Jeevitha Rajasekhara has given Roja Selvamani a place in Zee Telugu’s Bathu Jatka Bandhi!


The popular face of TLwood cinema, actress Jivita Rajasekhara, is coming to the small screen once again with Zee Telugu's Bathu Jatka Bandhi. The innovative idea has become a common platform for foreign couples and family members to end their opposition and help them get back together in some such cases.

The show's host in her early days was later taken over by Pita actress Geeta, followed by Rosa Selvam. Roja, who has been leading the show for years, is not available to shoot for personal reasons and the producers are preparing Jeevita Rajasekhara to bring people together in her absence and facilitate a discussion between them.


Catch the emotional roller coaster episode of Bathuku Jatka Bandi on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD only from Monday to Saturday at 11:30 am with Jivitha Rajasekhara.

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