Jack Paul YouTuber, Biography, Lifestyle, Age, Net Worth and Wiki


Jack Paul is an American YouTuber and actor. Most people knew him. So I have told you about Jack Paul’s biography and lifestyle in this article. Paul is one of the top YouTubers with a YouTuber subscription. Its total subscribers are over +20.01 million. Paul has been in a lot of controversy for getting himself into the headlines. You must have seen that when the conflict was going on between PDP And T series. He then entered the T-series in office fees and made many rucksacks. It does all this to further develop its subscribers. This is a risk-taking YouTuber. Uploads high-risk videos to your YouTube content. Paul was chosen to play the role of Dirk Mann in Disney Channel's One Series, Bizardark. But Disney kicked Jack Paul out due to controversy. So in this article, you will learn about it Jack Paul YouTuber, Biography, Lifestyle, Age, Net Worth and Wiki.

Jack Paul YouTuber, Biography, Lifestyle, Age, Net Worth and Wiki

Aside from all this, Jack is very interested in boxing. He also played boxing matches and won one match.

Jack Paul YouTuber Biography and Wiki

Jack Paul His birth on January 17, 1997, in Cleveland, Ohio, Christian Family, USA, is a paradox of UT. This leads to more controversy on YouTube. He grew up in Westlake, Ohio. Is his father's name Gregory Allen Paul And his mother's name Pamela Ann Stepnik. He comes from a middle class family. Paul began his YouTube career 19 September 2013. In it he was uploading videos of wines. It grew more and more as time went on. And he currently has more 6.5 billion Views on his YouTube channel.

If we talk about Pa Paul Lana's education, then he did his schooling from Whalek High School, Cleveland, Ohio. Paul loved the same video that was made by Wines. Because of this, his channel has gained 1 million followers in 5 months. In 2020, Paul has 23 years ahead and his birthmark Capricorn.

Real name Jack Joseph Paul
Customer +20.01 million subscribers
Most viewed +6,698,766,427 views
Occupation (s) YouTuber, Actor And Dispute Specialist.

Personal life

birth date January 17, 1997
Age (as of 2020) 23 years
Place of birth Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Hometown Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
College Ledge / University University of Cleveland United States
Educational Qualification Graduate
Religion Christian
Race Don't know
School Modern School, Delhi
Debut Bizardark (2016)
Plane mode (2019)
Dance Camp (2016)
YouTube career 19 September 2013 (Wines Video Upload)
Interests and hobbies Boxing, travel
Social media ✅Instagram, ✅Facebook, ✅ Twitter
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Physical appearance and more

Paul is also a model with a professional YouTuber. He likes boxing. You know that it is important to keep yourself fit for boxing. Every day we go to GYM and take protein to keep your body healthy. The height of the pole is 5.11 inches and the weight is 75 kg. Apart from this their hair color, blonde and eye color are hazel green-brown which gives a beautiful look.

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He height (approx.) 5.11 inches
Weight (approx.) 75 kg
Size of shoes 8 sizes
Physical measurement Don't know
Hair colors Blonde
Eye Colors Hazel green-brown

Jack Paul family and relationship

Paul comes from a middle class family. Her father Gregory Allen Paul And mother Pamela Ann Stepnik There are homemakers. He has a brother by that name Logan Paul Who is YouTube? Logan Paul The YouTube channel has more subscribers than its brother, it is more than +22.00 million. She also has a sister name Jessica Paul

. In 2017, she had a fake wedding that was uploaded to her YouTube channel but later ended in 2018. In 2019, she married YouTuber Tana Mageng au And in 2020 it took a short break. After this he is seen dating Julia Rose.

Father Gregory Allen Paul
Mother Pamela Ann Stepnik
Marital status Married in 2019 (Tana Mage Nagau)
Brother Logan Paul (YouTuber)
Dating historyY Tana Magenau in 2019 (YouTube)
Julia Rose in 2020
Wife Tana Mageng au In 2019
Matters / Boyfriend Julia Rose in 2020
Sister Jessica Paul

Jack Paul lifestyle

Jack Paul is a car lover. He loves to have the fastest car collection. He wants to own some of the world's supercars. His garage still has a collection of some supercars. That includes cars like that Focus R.S., Tesla Model S, And Ford trucks. Apart from all this, it a Lamborghini. Jack Paul Biography and Lifestyle

Paul lives in a mansion in Los Angeles with his wife and his creative team.


Paul began his YouTube career in September 2013. He was making wine videos. Because of his video, he gained under 1 million followers in 5 months. In 2016, he was selected to play the role Respect Dirk In the Disney series Bizarre. She appeared in a small role for the 2016 American comedy, drama movie Dance camp.

Paul worked with Team 10 to produce a video song that received 70 million views a month. These are his third most disliked videos. According to a report, on April 24, 2018, Paul Lay filed a lawsuit against him Cobra Acquisition million for 2.5 million homes. On January 3, 2018, Paul uploaded a video titled his YouTube channel “I Will Lose My Virginity” Which was a nude video. This video was further age-restricted by YouTube.

On July 11, 2020, Paul hosted a large party at his home in Calabasas, California at the time of this COVID-19. No masks were worn at the party and no social care was taken. Legal action has been taken against him in this regard.

Awards and achievements

S.N. Awards Category Years Nominated work
.. Radio Disney Music Awards Social media star 2017 Himself
2. Teen Choice Awards Choice music web star 2017 #PaulProductions (YouTube)
3. Teen Choice Awards Select YouTube 2017 JackPoolProduction (YouTube)

Jack Paul movie and television list

S.N. Movies and TV shows Role Years
.. Dance Camp (M) Lance 2016
2. Mono (m) Dugan 2016
3. Aircraft mode (M) Himself 2019
4 Bizardark (T) Respect Dirk 2016-2018
5. Monroe Conrad 2016
6. Prank and walk Himself 2016
7. The price is correct "" 2017

Jack Paul net worth

Paul is a popular YouTuber. Many brands approach them for promotion of their products. Because people trust them. They promote many brands through social media, for which they get a lot of money. He also recently bought a home in Los Angeles. Jack Paul's net worth in 2020 is over. 25.00 million.

Jack Paul net worth .00 25.00 million * approx

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