Is Indian Premier League 2020 hosting possible?


However, the Indian Premier League 2020 has been postponed and there is currently no new information about its prospects this year, experts and fans are still discussing it and they all have different theories. Under what conditions can IPL be hosted? How will the cancellation of this IPL season affect India's most important sports industry?

After allowing the stadium to function for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak, cricket fans could not be happier and saw it as a green light to continue their previous plans. Unfortunately, reopening the stadium was not enough to get the IPL season back on track. This simply means that teams can start training with their coaches. The stadium will still be empty due to other safety precautions.

According to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), it is still very questionable whether there will be an IPL season this year and talks are underway to organize the league. The Indian Premier League will have to wait until restrictions on international and domestic travel are lifted. There is no point in hosting this international competition without foreign players, and in the current situation, they will not be able to travel to sports.

If travel restrictions are lifted in the near future, the only chance to plan the season is without spectators. Still, the IPL season will not be the same without the crowds at the stadium, he will still agree on everything. The reason for canceling this year's season is the last possible option as it will cost more than half a billion dollars.


Another negative side effect of canceling the IPL season is that online betting sites will suffer. According to SportsMirmer, the growth of the Indian betting industry, especially during the IPL season, has made the sportsbook very popular. Their profits will definitely go down as they have not been able to bet on IPL matches this year. Fortunately, all the notable betting sites offer sports betting, so they will manage during this year.

The managing director of the IPL team's Kolkata Knight Riders, Venky Mysore, gave some interesting suggestions on the terms of hosting the IPL season. He thinks the IPL should be hosted in only two cities and buses can be used to take players back and forth. This way flights will not be necessary. Mysore also suggested assigning a hotel to each team, in which they would have proper distance and good sanitary condition. Last but not least, he emphasized the importance of technology. The idea was that LED walls could be placed in the stadium and spectators could be virtually present.

Expectations about the IPL season this year are vague as the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak is highly unpredictable. One thing is for sure, canceling the season will have a lot of negative effects, and considering the safety measures, there are many constructive ways to overcome the obstacles.

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