Is Deadwater a Real Story? Is Tom Kendrick based on a real person?


'Deadwater Fail' is a British series that follows the story of a man named Tom Kendrick, whose family is devastated by fire. The investigation reveals that it did not happen accidentally, which turns Tom into a suspect. Each episode of the series, starring David Tennant, reveals the truth about that case and what happened that night. The series has received a lot of love from the audience, some comparing it to Tennant's other crime drama, 'Broadchurch'. The story focuses on love and family and presents a twisted story. This leads us to the question: Has this happened to anyone in reality? Is 'Deadwater Fail' a True Story? Here's the answer.

Is Deadwater based on a true story?

No, 'Deadwater Fail' is not based on a true story. However, the show's writers, Emma Kingsman-Lloyd and Daisy Kulam, were heavily influenced by a real case, which is also the subject of Netflix's true-crime documentary, 'The Starcase'. It follows the murder of Kathleen Peterson at the hands of her husband Michael Peterson. Kingsman-Lloyd admits that he was "a little obsessed with showing the true crime, which is where the initial idea came from because Daisy said she wanted to write something that contained forensic details of a true-crime documentary show."


In this case, there was a sense of ambiguity in the house that might look different from the outside. They poured this on their show. Kulam said, "You're going through a house, and it's all quiet, and you go." This strangely violent thing happened there. This kind of peace and natural way, when they talk about the dead, is still a matter of the way they talk about things. We just want to capture that sense. "

Despite its true-criminal nature, the story is human. It's not about demonizing criminals but understanding why they did it, and it's not about "victims who deserve to be remembered more than smiling faces in a pale photograph."



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