Intent Grihalakshmi 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Lassya blames Nandu's family members for intranet


Intent Grahlakshmi written on 23rd January 2021 written update

The episode begins with Lassia Sets You're Celebrating My Defeat. Love says you can feel sad because it is your loss but it is a positive judgment for us that is why we are happy and always triumphs over the truth evil. Lassia says the court will decide who is right and now that they have adjourned the case is not a verdict, I am your dad's ally that's why he will divorce after six months. Love says let's see, I'm sure one day you will go out with your luggage and feel bad to enter our family. Lasya says you always want bad for me, it's all Nandu's fault. Nandu asks what did he do? Lasya says don’t work, because I know you are responsible for postponing this divorce. Love says don't blame Dad. Lassia says that your father met the judge and asked him to postpone the divorce, which is why the judge adjourned the case. Ansuya asks what he says. Lasya says ask your son, his silence will not answer your question. Ansuya asks why he is stopping the divorce. Nandu says it is the judge's decision. Lasya says don’t lie because the lawyer passed every detail you said to the judge.

Bhagya says he never expected Nandu to oppose the divorce proceedings. Lassia asks him to promise, you know that after divorcing Tulsi we can be one, don't you want to divorce your wife? Why did you buy me here by promising to marry me, with whom are you cheating? I left everything to live with you but your behavior is making my life a question mark, I planned to answer society after our marriage but you still left me in the dark because I will lose my job and I am afraid I will lose Life may not even know what is going on inside you, but think from my side that you know my pain, if you like Tulsi to be with her, don't give me false hopes, if you don't want to marry me So tell me I'll get out of here but not act and he keeps going inside. Everyone sees.


Ansuya rebuking Nandu and blaming everyone is the cause of Lasya’s tears. Nandu's father says that you are blaming us for lasya but you don't care about Tulsi tears. Ansuya says blame me but remember Lasya will win.

Love meets Nandu on the terrace and says he is happy with her change, you love mom so much that is why you got the judge to postpone this divorce and you failed to realize your love for mom. Nandu says he did what he had to do. Love says we are happy, hope you realize mom value and express your outrage, question your heart that he will answer you more than what he wants, once you get the answer we will be happier.

Nandu's father tells Tulsi that Nandu is changing so give him another chance to correct his mistake. Tulasi says that when my heart decides to divorce my heart hurts and that scar will never be erased, it will not leave Lasya so don’t dream of changing it because it is a futile endeavor.

Lassia cries badly in her room. Nandu asks why he treats us crazy. Lassia has driven you crazy, don't tell me fake stories. Nandu says I met the judge but he reprimanded me for meeting him and I did not affect his verdict. Lassia says leave the verdict, you also want the judge to postpone the divorce? That means you're cheating on me. Nandu says I want the judge to postpone the divorce because I don’t want to get married right away.

Prepap – Tulsi goes to the lasya room with food.



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