‘I’m not okay with this’ Season 2 release date Netflix


The first season of "I'm Not OK, This Is This", which aired on Netflix in February 2020, received an overwhelming response from the audience and became one of the hits of the year. The first season had a total of seven episodes ending on February 27, 2020.

The first season of the series tells the story of a girl named Sid (played by Sophia Lilis) who realizes that she is full of telekinetic power. Although not a perfect one, the first season was certainly enjoyable, characterized by a strong performance from Sophia Lilis, it will definitely leave a place for the start of next season.

Now, the eagerly awaited second season of "I'm fine with this" is gearing up to move on to Netflix. Directly hinted at Sidney in the second season, then was operating and potential questions that lengthened after the mind-blowing (hey) events of the final episodes.


The secrets of one season are expected to be cleared in the second season. One of them is about "The Man" who mysteriously appears at the end of a season.

Release Date:

However, there is no official confirmation from Netflix about the release of the second season of "I'm Not Well". So, it's not yet clear when we'll see the second season of "I Am Ok Ok With With".

It is known that announcements about the renewal of the series will not be made until clear productions can be safely resumed. But yes, fans of the series can certainly relax easily because of course, more is on its way.



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