Illegal Season 2 Release Date: Is Season 2 of the Vote Selection Original Show Coming Soon?


Illegal is the Woot Select original series released on May 12, 2020. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Woot Select is a recent launch in the world of OTT platforms. He has gained his popularity with shows like Asura, The Ryker Case and Marzi. Illegal is sure to improve its base and popularity. A question arises as to whether Illegal Season 2 will be and when it will come out.


Illegal Season 2 Trailer

The trailer has given a clear indication that the show will showcase the protagonist's struggle as she fights for justice under the skull. Niharika (Neha Sharma) has been called a 'mad lawyer'. The name got stuck because of its unique tactics, which were used to win its previous case.

Despite his objections, he handles the case to save the rapist as he is considered capable of winning the case in the media and law court. This is a legal journey that raises significant questions on serious issues such as the death penalty and, moreover, the so-called fictitious law that leans toward privileges.

The web series shows two sides of the same coin showing both legislators as well as the law. On the one hand, there are honest lawyers who are willing to bring their lives into the fight for justice and re-establish belief in humanity. And on the other hand, there are lawyers who are nothing more than tenants who are hired to win the case even if it means breaking the law and order.

Illegal's trailer was released on May 4, 2020. It seemed intense and is expected to be one of the best Indian web series.

Until the announcement of Illegal Season 2, watch the trailer of Illegal Season 1 here:

Illegal Season 2 Plot

Illegal is the story of our hero Niharika Singh (the title character of Neha Sharma). He is a lawyer and is taken in a reputed law firm run by Piyush Mishra's character Janardhan Jaitley.

The nebula has been the subject of many shocking events that have taken her by surprise. Nebula has been hired to handle the case of Kubra Sait's character, but has been forced to work in other cases revolving around allegations of rape and sexual harassment. Surprising twists and turns by the characters both inside and outside the courtroom are the ones that illegally try to incorporate into one season.

Illegal Season 2 cast

Illegal will mostly be a recurring cast with new additions.

Each web series or film requires a special cast that will be able to take the show to another level. Actors playing roles need to learn the little nuances shown by their characters, this is what makes their characters memorable. The illegal producers had a test to select artists who could effortlessly paint in different colors and they have done a magnificent job.


The producers have put together an amazing cast including The Voice Selection series stars Piyush Mishra J.J. The series is directed by Sahir Raza and written by Reshu Nath. The series is produced by Sameer Khan.

Illegal Season 2 release date

All fans of the Woot Select series Illegal are eager to find out when season two of the series will be released. The release date should be received in the second season after the success of the first season. Each episode stream is available for online stream via Woot Select's streaming device. India-based Sitcom landed on a streaming device with an episode of Illegal Season 1 available to watch online simultaneously from 12 May 2020.

Illegal Season 1 Review

Behind the illegals is Kubra Sait. She never failed to amaze the audience with her portrayal of characters and this time around is no different. She presents her character with strength, commitment and reality that is clearly reflected on the on-screen.

Apart from Sait, Piyush Mishra's smart yet subtle performance in the series shone as an opponent with less inclination towards good and bad. Neha Sharma also makes a lasting impression with her performance as a good hearted lawyer who does not tolerate injustice.

There are a number of illegal thriller plot twists on Woot Select that, while sometimes speculative, can be fun to binge-watch. Illegally viewable as various shows and films on similar concepts have become a regular occurrence. The love triangle story arc drawn instead in the series breaks the illegal crisp pacing and damages the overall viewer experience. Some of the spectacular performances by Piyush Mishra and Kubbra Sait remain illegal.

How to view illegal web series?

Select Illegal Woot is original. The platform is relatively new and so far it has managed to produce shows that are out of the box. Illegal is no different. The show will be available for streaming from May 12, 2020.

Follow some simple steps below to look illegal:

  • Download Woot via Play Store or App Store
  • Subscribe to Woot Select
  • Login to your Vote Select account search for illegals starting May 12, 2020 (see Season 1 until Season 2 is released)

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