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Description Idol stage

Welcome to the interesting game for everyone to enjoy. If you want to help professional and talented artists reach the top, download Idol Stage for Android.

Learn the menu

When starting the game, you will be introduced to your CEO. The owner of this new company. From there, it's up to you to name a new corporation.

Once you name your company, it's time to start with the game. You should start learning the basics of making money. From there, you will be guided to equalize your CEO from 1 to 10.

Afterwards, you can go through the menu and experiment with different options of the room. You can upgrade your company to make room. Additionally, you can:

  • Buy a noisy room for singers.
  • Get a dance practice room for those aspiring dancers and choreographers.
  • Also, get an acting practice room for rising movie stars and actors.
  • Get a recording room to create a new musical album.
  • Stylish section for your statues to appear on broadcasts related to the entertainment industry.
  • Also, get a Dance Team Performance Hall for your Stars. They can perform and host here for their audience.
  • The PR (Public Relations) section can be used to get your actors to appear in entertainment movies. Such as plays and other similar genres.
  • Finally, the performance support section is used for concerts. This is the most attractive and expensive room for your company, valued at about 4 4 billion.

You will start the game with about 50k dollars in your wallet. But, as you go through the tutorial, your amount will gradually increase.

Eventually, you’ll start casting different artists from different genres of entertainment. Once you find someone's favorite silhouette, click on it. You can see some of their statistics and choose to rent them or not.


Idol-Stage-APK-Latest Version

From this point on, you will be introduced to an upgraded system to improve your statue.

Some additions to the game

  • Get some up and coming artists under your belt. Each has a unique personality and different skills that need your help to improve.
  • You can put your artists through various activities to improve their skills. The more they grow and the less they follow, the more rewards for you in the end.
  • Manage each of your future idols. Remember and take note – they will get bonuses for performing where they succeed. Therefore, the right person for wonderful rewards and experience needs to be with the right activities.
  • Once all your artists are together, you can create a group to do it all. At this point you can create and publish a hit album for everyone to enjoy.


  • Through all that you earn, you can complete the growth of your company and industry. Make sure you keep track of all the different activities and use your people to make a good profit.

Idol Stage Mode APK Free Download

Get a modified version of the game so you can enjoy a lot of extras. With the help of these cheats and shortcuts, you are able to play the game the way you thought it would. With Mod APK you can get the following features:

  • Add unlimited money to the game's Idol Stage Mode APK to never worry about funding.

With these shortcuts, you will never have to worry about improving your artists.

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