Hum Geet touches on the sensitivity of today's situation: Arun Shankar

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Hum Geet touches on the sensitivity of today's situation: Arun Shankar

National award winning director Arun Shankar, who has collaborated with Grammy winner Ricky Cage for his new single 'Hum', says the song has a deep connection with the global scene today. He says, "Hum Geet, touches on the sensitivity of what we are experiencing today. We are facing disasters and considering the ongoing cowardly scene, you will wonder if we humans are responsible for this somewhere. Actions. If so, we should understand that we will learn from our mistakes and correct our actions for good tomorrow. The song is a more hip hop style with a beat that flows perfectly with today's music. Familiar with the music video scene, Arun feels that visuals can add a dramatic effect to the Dio. It’s always a mix of sounds and scenes that give life to an artistic creation. If done well it creates a lasting effect in the minds of the audience. The novel features Rutvik Reddy and Pooja Banerjee.
Speaking about him, Arun says, & # 39; & # 39; Rutvik was finalized after a cast of many actors for a film we are working on in 2020. It was postponed to 2021 due to epidemic conditions. It brings a certain level of raw imprint talent which is very rare. Come for. When I came up with the idea of ​​creating this song, I realized that Ruthwick has all the potential to bring this versatility that I need to enable me to showcase multiple characters of the song for my lead. I was looking for a female lead who could express the same meaning of the song through dance and also get a certain grace on herself. Worship is capable of both. It is vividly expressed and gives itself a certain charm that evokes the spirit of the song. The two do not pair against each other and the song has their own parallel tracks. "The shooting of this song took place mostly in Punjab. Talking about the precautions and criteria for what Arun is, Arun says, & # 39; As a company, ASP (Arun Shankar Productions LLP) was already clear that everyone is safe and no one has found it. We will follow and adhere to all Kovid protocols for sure. Infected. From sanitizing stations to spray guns, hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, facial salts to make artists – all guides where properly followed. " How can you
“It was amazing to work with such a wide variety of talents, from newcomers to national and international artists. We have two Grammy winners who have worked on music. Ricky Cage and Water Kellerman (flutist). We also have the popular household name of TV (Pooja Banerjee), which featured the song in the songs of popular playback singer Niti Mohan and that was me too. As a director, I had a lot of time to make this song come alive. It's never a one-man show, it's always teamwork and that's the job. "Arun's last music video was Hidayat which got very good reviews and acclaim. One of the reasons is that he was encouraged by his audience to release his next song. Arun who is an actor, singer-songwriter and director himself As an artist, he adds, these are the categories we created for clarity on someone's job profile. Everything I do as an artist I do with my heart and with full dedication. And at 27 o'clock, I think That's what I'm doing very well for me. "


Speaking about his unfulfilled dream, Arun says, "When I won the national award, I achieved one of my big dreams. Looking ahead, I want to create more amazing content, be it music or movies, that reach the maximum audience globally. I hope that the work I do will be recognized on national and international platforms. ”Hum will be tentatively released in the first week of February.

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