How to transfer permanently from old iPhone to new iPhone


IPhone There is a popular sequence of smartphones developed by Apple. It is one of the most reliable and worthy smartphones. The main advantage of the iPhone is its security. Data in the iPhone and it's a little difficult to transfer. Actually they are completely controlled by Q controlled software. The iPhone explicitly does not allow any application that is not authorized for third parties and apps. It greatly enhances privacy and security.

How to transfer permanently from old iPhone to new iPhone

Phones are now updated in a matter of days. So when we update to a new phone we will miss all the data in our old phone. But there are many ways to convert all these files into our new phone. In this article we are discussing the transfer of data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone, let's check:

Transfer via Easy Quick Start

  • Turn on your new device and keep it close to your current device that uses iOS 11 or the upgraded version. The Quick Start screen appears on your current device and asks for your Apple Pull ID. Tap on Apple Pull ID and set to the next process, if you haven't found Apple Pull ID there then check if Bluetooth is on.
  • The system will start launching and wait for the message to finish in your new iPhone device.
  • Enter the new iPhones passcode.
  • Follow up to create a Face ID or fingerprint.
  • Enter the Apple Pal ID and password.
  • Your new device has overtaken or offers the opportunity to restore apps, data and settings from your latest iCloud backup, or update the backup of your current device and then start installing restores. Once you have made the backup privileged, you can choose to convert some settings associated with location, privacy control, Apple Pal Pay and Siri. If you need to update the backup on our device again, specify that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device.
  • Thus we can see that the files have been transferred from our old iPhone to the new iPhone.

If our current iPhone version is 12.4 and the new iPhone version is 12.4, we can use the method of iPhone immigration, by this method we can easily transfer data from one to another without wireless or wireless. Keep both of your phones close and follow the steps to transfer data to iPhone:

To transfer data using a wired connection, all you need is a USB 3 camera adapter with electricity and a USB cable with electricity. Use the power on your old iPhone up to the USB3 camera adapter, then connect the power to your new iPhone to plug the USB cable and connect the adapter to the other end. Power Camera with USB 3 Connect my adapter to power service via its Lightning port to One 12W power.

  • Turn on your new iPhone and keep the old iPhone close to it. On the Bluetooth option if you are transferring data as wireless and on both sides if you are transferring data using wireless. The Quick Start option will appear on your screen and follow these next steps.
  • Enter the new iPhones passcode.
  • Follow up to create a Face ID or fingerprint.
  • Enter the Apple Pal ID and password.
  • The new device allows you to choose to update your recent device backups, such as restoring apps, data, and settings from your recent iCloud. After selecting the backup, you can choose the location, privacy, Apple Pal Pay and Siri to change the settings or not. If you want to update the backup on your device, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device.
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  • Can we see that the files have been transferred from our old iPhone to the new iPhone.

Transfer via iCloud

ICloud is one of the best cloud storage systems developed by Genet Tech holder APLE Inc. It will start in 2011. Apple's free iCloud service helps store subscribers 'photos, videos, documents, apps and more and updates each and everything on users' synced devices. Now let's check out how to transfer data from one iPhone to another through this iCloud:

  • Open the settings in the old iPhone.
  • Click Apple Pal ID
  • Tap iCloud
  • Click the iCloud Backup option
  • Take a full iCloud backup now.
  • Switch your new iPhone after this process and hold it for a while until the backup is complete.
  • Insert a new SIM and start managing the new iPhone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Enter your appropriate language and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Restore from iCloud account.
  • Sign in to your iCloud account, which we back up first.
  • Now select the backup we have taken and your phone will be an update with all the files and data that was in our old iPhone.

This is a real and easy way to transfer data from our old iPhone to the new iPhone in wireless.

Transfer via iTunes

Apple Plus iTunes is the best operating operating system software that acts as a file manager, playing iPhone video, audio dio etc. The app also helps users with easy access to the iTunes Store. It helps you connect your iPhone to the system via cable wire. Now let’s check out how to transfer data via cable wire using this iTunes.

  • Download the latest iTunes to your Mac or Windows.
  • After downloading iTunes, connect your old iPhone to your PC and launch iTunes.
  • Click to encrypt the backup and enter the password.
  • Click on Backups.
  • Now unplug your old iPhone from PC and switch off the mobile, remove the SIM card from it.
  • Wait a while for your backup to complete.
  • Now put your SIM on the new iPhone.
  • Connect to the system and launch iTunes.
  • Slide to set up your new iPhone
  • Choose the right language and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose to restore from your iPhone backup.
  • Select the backup from the list and encrypt the backup using a password.
  • Now your new iPhone will be like all your iPhones with all the data.

For all these purposes, connect your iPhone to the plug as all these steps may take longer than expected.

Conclusion –

This is a handy feature that has been available on the Android platform for many years, and is a great option for those who don't have the latest iCloud backup, don't have enough iCloud space to save a new one, or just want to. Exchange data between two devices without the need for backups across the cloud.

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