How to play a DVD on Kodi with simple clicks


How to easily play DVDs on Kodi – Cody, as XBMC has previously called it, has become an indispensable and popular entertainment, so more and more people will love to watch movies on Kodi. Kodi is a free and open source media player and can play various streaming media from many websites on the PC to the local path folder.

The player is also used extensively to play DVD discs, ISO images and DVD folders. However, there are still cases where Kodi can't automatically play some DVDs when errors occur. If you are still wondering how to easily play DVDs on Kodi without making any errors, you are in the right place today. Follow the article, let's fix this issue.

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Circumstances cannot play the DVD on Kodi

Can't play Kodi to work with DVDs, first is to chase traces for this issue. Here are some possible causes and solutions for generating errors when playing DVDs on Kodi.

1. The DVD driver is broken, or the DVD disc is dirty

It is true that if you insert a DVD disc into the driver with no answer, it may be the point of the DVD itself as it is very easy to get damaged by external force. Or there are some spots on the DVD disc that cause the DVD to play.

For this, you can clean it or put another new DVD disc in the driver to check if it normally works. At the same time, if the driver cannot read, you can clean them or buy a new one to replace them.

2. Lotus connection between DVD player, TV and Kodi

Also, if you have a bad connection between the DVD player, the TV and the Kodi due to the unstable connection to Cody, you may be able to deal with playback error issues. For this issue, it can be solved easily and quickly. Just plug the HDMI cable out of the TV and put it back in after a few minutes.

3. DVD with copyright pyrite protection

What's worse, more and more DVDs have been enabled with the latest encryption technology, such as the Sony / Disney DRM. These advanced copyright pyrite protection techniques have always been an inevitable problem when playing DVDs on Kodi.

The most efficient solution is to tear up the DVD in a Kodi supported digital format. Just like this, DVDs can be easily played without errors and the DVD library of your precious DVD storage on Kodi is pretty easy to create.

The best tool for tearing DVDs in DVD formats with simple clicks

If you want to build a DVD library of that large DVD collection on Kodi, then it is wise to convert DVDs into Kodi, which means converting DVDs to digital format supported by Kodi. In this case, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro would be the right choice.


This is a multifunctional DVD box that just can't crack DVDs with region code, CSS, Sony / Disney DRM and other DVD encryption techniques at super-fast speed. But convert any quality to the original quality Kodi, YouTube or other media player.

A handy guide on how to convert a DVD into a Kodi

With WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro on your PC (Windows), the process of converting a DVD to Kodi can be completed in 30 minutes. Follow the steps to create your DVD library on Kodi.

Step 1: Download and install Kodi DVD Converter for free on your PC. Launch it. Load the DVD disc by clicking the "DVD disc" icon. As it shows on the UI, you can also load "DVD Folder" and "ISO Image" as required resources. After a few seconds, DVD encryption technologies like region code, CSS, Sony / Disney DRM, etc. will be automatically removed, plus the main title with 99 titles.

Step 2:Click the Output Format icon to select a digital format supported by Kodi. "MP4" is what I suggest would be the right choice. If you want to playback DVDs in a safe place, you can select any format you want to convert DVD to MOV, DVD to MKV, etc. For easier viewing, you can convert DVD directly to a portable device like iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei P30. Are you Samsung Galaxy S8, etc.

Step 3: Finally, select an output path folder to save video files to. Click the "Play" button to start the DVD from the Kodi process. You can find the data in the Output folder then place it on Kodi in your DVD library.Best DVD from Cody Converter

Write at the end

After converting DVDs to digital format, you can enjoy this extensive DVD collection from your DVD library on Kodi. To enjoy DVDs on other handy devices, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro also performs best for converting DVDs to smartphones, with tablets also TV-quality-loss.

Luckily, if you don't have enough budget or are still confused with its functions, here's a trial version that gives everyone a try. If you have other great ideas for easily playing DVDs on Kodi, I'd love to hear from you by simply leaving the comments below.

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