How to manage YouTube playback controls in Chrome


YouTube A public online is a public communication site. It's the world's largest online viewing video. This site allows all registered users to upload and watch videos. The video can be preliminary video or even professional videos. It is calculated that there are one trillion videos in YouTube which is 140 videos for one person in the world. Thus, the use of YouTube in Internet climbers is very high. Now we can easily connect this YouTube with Google Chrome. Chrome, as we all know, is the most trusted and authoritative browsing application developed by Google.

Chrome is one of the most widely used Internet browsers globally. So, in this article we are discussing the management of YouTube playback controls in this Chrome application. This allows us to connect YouTube and Chrome together. Actually playback tools are linked to links provided by some third party applications but will have numerous uses when provided to the browser. It is available for all operating systems but requires the latest version of Chrome. The latest Chrome version is 77.0.3865.75 The upgraded version supports this toolbar.

How to manage YouTube playback controls in Chrome

The new feature will be helpful for users who prefer to listen to music or video in another tab while working. In fact, it will come out as a simple feature. Tech site TechDoz also shared a screenshot of this feature to let us know what it looks like on screen. According to the site, it is "Global Media Controls UI" Presented in Canary Version 77 And it can be enabled and viewed from the toolbar.

So basically, we have to upgrade our Chrome version to the latest. This allows you to easily manage YouTube playback controls without having to browse YouTube, without switching to the YouTube tab or site, we can't control it from the home toolbar.

We can pause, forward, backward, change, etc. from this toolbar. Usually we all use multiple purpose items at the same time. We can use social media, browsing, songs and more at the same time and this keeps us busy working in other tabs. Chrome overlays media control for YouTube videos when the media keys are pressed. But now that YouTube videos are playing, this new global media control is always on the screen; They do not overlay or require the use of media keys.


The use of this toolbar is very large, i.e.;

  • We can easily use multiple tabs at a glance of time without switching to each other simultaneously.
  • YouTube videos and all kinds of music files are very easy to use.
  • It is clearly applicable to all types of music and video streaming applications and sites online.

As we said, we should make sure that Chrome is the latest version, which can be found from the three points in the Chrome file. This is the easiest way to find the version. When you browse another tab you now follow the instructions below to manage the YouTube playback.

  • Open the latest version of “Google Chrome"Browser.
  • Open a new tab and click “Chrome: // flags ”.
  • This will show you a list of numerous flags, "Global media control“.
  • Click on it to get "Enabled“.
  • Relaunch"Chrome browser that pops up the screen.
  • After relaunching the Chrome browser you will have a “Play iconOn the top right of the toll but this bar helps you control YouTube videos.
  • Now select a YouTube song in the new tab.
  • Switch to another tab and try to pause or change the video, this will clearly work on YouTube.
  • Videos will be replaced by the option in the Chrome toolbar here.
  • Choose the right videos of songs and enjoy it.

Bottom line –

That's one of the best features of the new Chromebook. Google is providing some succulent creations and updates for global customers. But it must be noted that the Canary version is the most volatile version and contains errors. In fact, as reported by many sites, after updating to the latest Canary version, the browser crashed several times.

Therefore, you must be prepared for any problems that may occur after this update. If it causes a problem, you can go back to Chrome: // flags and set it back to default to disable it. The only drawback is that, it will not show you the thumbnails of the video or song currently playing, as it is for YouTube.

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