HotStar Special Ops Season 2 Release Date, Renewal, Cast, Trailer and more


Extra Ops Has become very popular. Season one of the series is streaming on HotStar. Fans are already talking about the show's renewal. But there has been no confirmation on season renewals. The series has not received much favorable reviews from critics. The series got a general comment that the story was too slow which made it boring to viewers.

Extra Ops Season 2 release date

Special Ops Season 2 is expected to release in March 2021. Though the show's renewal has not yet been confirmed. The renewal is based on the iterations and ratings received in the series and the special OPS. Not working so well. Contains eight episodes expected from the first season 2.

Extra OPS Season 2 Cast Members

The cast members are expected to repeat in Season 2 of Season 2. Following is the special OPS.

  • Himmat Singh played by Kay or Menon
  • Chowdhury played the role of Anuj Sharma
  • Farooq Ali played by Karun Taker
  • Sharad Calcar played the sun
  • Bala was played by Vipul Gupta
  • Mr. Chadda played Preem Sethi
  • Hafiz Ali played by Sajjad Delafroz
  • Sona played the role of Sana Khan
  • Abbas was played by Vinay Pathak
  • Avinash played Muzammil Ibrahim
  • Sadia Qureshi played by Divya Datta
  • Juhi played Miami
  • Ruhani Maher was played by Vij

Special OPS Season 2 Trailer

Any Season 2 trailer, Special Ops Not excluded from the range. We will continue to update you as soon as we receive a confirmation. Stay tuned to learn more.



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