Hotstar Hostage Season 2 release date, spoilers, cast, trailer and everything else we know!


Fans of hostages, any great news is coming their way. Hotstar Originals Hostage Season 2 is due to be released soon and we have some specific details regarding the release date and plot. On 31st May 2019, a new crime thriller titled 'Hostage' will be released on Hotstar. The excitement for this series was not only because of the cast but also because it was an adaptation of the amazing Israeli TV series. At present, platforms like Hotstar have provided a great opportunity for Indian TV shows.

Hotstar hostage Season 2 cast

The whole team at Hostage is full of great talent and artists that we love in movies and TV shows. The lead roles of this series are Tiska Chopra and Ronit Roy. Parveen Dabas, Ashim Gulati, Mohan Kapoor, Malhar Rathore, Sharad Joshi, Surya Sharma and Anangasha Biswas are playing some interesting characters in this series.

HotStar Hostage Season 2 Product Status Updates

Hosts series director Takhar Mishra talks about the much awaited 2 season. "All episodes have been edited. Background music is happening. We're a little slow because we don't meet, but things are happening. We are trying to adjust to this new way of working. I think another season will come by the end of May, "said Takhar Mishra.

Hostage season 1 episodes premiered on television (Star Plus) on April 13.

Hotstar hostage Season 2 release date

There is no doubt that this Indian remade TV series of the popular Israeli hostage series has been a magnet to attract audiences of all ages. A series such as 'Hostage' that fits in as a complete thriller should be at the top of your island-watching list. Mark the date and get ready for boring action by the end of May 2021 with Premier Hotstar Hostage Season 2.


Hotstar Hostage Season 2 Plot Spoilers

The ending of Season 1, actually the last scene, shows that the Chief Minister was the biological father of Ronits' wife.

There was nothing other than the dog dying and resurfacing, which Rohit gave to Ditter Cutter Tiska to apply to the Chief Minister, suggesting that the Chief Minister would die, but he did not actually die. Tiska actually applied the drug when she heard from her son that the dog had returned from death so she knew what the drug could do. So she seemed to have applied the medicine to the chief minister, who died when they took her body to the hospital instead of the dead body where they were found to be cm in the body of the ward boy.

Why did Rohit do all this?

Because his wife needed a bone marrow to regain normal health he would now take from the real Semi, who is also his real father when the world mourned the death of Sammy. When Tiska went to Rowe's house, she checked reports of Ronits' wife and found her DNA report in cm. Matching, that's also the reason why he asked cm before managing it how many children he had, check his character.

It will be interesting to see how Season 2 comes out and how Tiska takes this further.

HotStar Hostage Season 2 Trailer

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