Here are some common ways to forward multiple emails at once in Gmail


Email is information shared on the operating operating system, which can be exchanged between two users as a sender and receiver through an Internet application. It can send all text, file, images, video, attachments, etc., as we all know in the email field GMAIL is huge. It is actually completely free of the service provided by Google. It has full gigabytes of storage. Gmail is more important than anything else. The business world can't live a day without Gmail, these authoritative and important mails are sent through Gmail. It is very friendly and easy to use and has a lot of features that always make it wonderful.

Here are some common ways to forward multiple emails at once in Gmail

It can send mail to multiple people, snooze, mute and accomplish etc. Gmail is now more popular because of its simpler specifications. Around 40 percent of people worldwide have a Gmail account and it's as common as WhatsApp. Gmail is ible accessible to almost all online sites and applications due to its trusteeship and honesty. Linking Gmail to any other application account gives that account integrity, this is the biggest advantage of Gmail. Thus Gmail can be considered as one of the essential and important web services.

How to send multiple emails in Gmail

Gmail has always been a free messaging service application, but there are also some limitations around it. Only we can send 500 messages per day in 24 hours. Forward queue size is 50 miles for free accounts and unlimited forward queue messages for one time paid customers and unlimited people. So Gmail has several ways to send multiple emails. It's an easy step to take when really considered, but those who don't know about this specialty should be guided very clearly. Let’s investigate about this now;

In some cases, we need to send most emails to several at a time. Maybe you are the head of marketing and need all the conversions your juniors have with their customers, we can use this feature. If that doesn't make sense, it will take hours to send all the mails.

  • Open the Chrome app and Cloud IQ. Download Chrome extension from
  • Install the Chrome extension (also known as Multi Forward for Gmail).
  • Navigate to the Chrome extension and add it to Chrome at the top of the screen. To add an extension from a local drive, click> 3 Points> Tools> Extensions>.
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  • Once added, it will appear in the toolbar above and pop up. The multi-forward Gmail icon is a 'right facing arrow' in the upper right corner of Chrome.
  • After this close Chrome and open, the extension will be activated.

This is actually the easiest way to send multiple emails at once in Gmail. This not only helps to send mails by clicking the extension without extension but we can also send mails.

Forwarding multiple mails:

  • Open Gmail and go to Inbox.
  • Select all the mails you want to send by left clicking.
  • In the toolbar it will appear multi-forward individually or manually by right-clicking and pressing a message to one person.
  • If you click on the extension it will ask you to sign in again, this is for honesty.
  • After confirmation comes the Multi Forward dialog box and the email address in that box.
  • Click Send and all mails will be sent quickly.
  • The sent message will be seen under the Send message label in the menu.

Here, you can also add multiple email accounts by changing the option by right-clicking on multiple mails in multiple accounts. This makes it easier to send emails to many people on other people's spam.

Bottom line –

You can close the browser as soon as you click "Forward Emails". You do not have to wait for the forwarding process to finish. You can choose to forward up to 50 emails at a time. Multi-Forward for Gmail allows you to select multiple emails from your inbox, click the multi-forward button, and send them all to any recipient at once. With the above trick your headache is over, as it saves you from the burden of opening emails in person and forwarding them. Now you can forward all Chrome together with a small Chrome extension.

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