He became a superstar after watching Sushant on the movie X Office Fees


Office Movie Fees So let's talk about the office fee collection of Chhochhor movie, we will know how much this movie has earned so far. So without delay, we have moved on.

He became a superstar after watching Sushant on the movie X Office Fees

Office Movie Fee Collection

Nitesh Tiwari, the director of the superhit movie Dangal, made the next film Chichor after watching a few moments from his college days. The movie was much loved by the people on its very first day and on its very first day it was a 7.3 crore canal.

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Office X Office Fee Collection Day 2

This movie has made the evening so much that people think that it can be equal to the movie Saho. In this movie you have earned 12 crores on the second day and with this the movie has earned 19 crores so far. So let's see how much this movie earns on Sunday. To see this movie, it is moving to the forefront of this movie among the more star cage type people and because the movie is a lot of comedy. Everyone is liking this movie. This movie shows the special moments of your life and with that, we will see a very good message in the movie.

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Social Movie Review

Let’s be viewers, we raise some people’s opinions about some of the most socially funny jokes on social media. And find out what people say about this movie and how they can earn money by moving on with this movie.

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