‘Hand to Handle’ – Debt reality show on dateflix release date. Plot, cast, where to look?


Netflix is ​​coming up with a new television reality dating show. The show is inspired by the recently released reality show 'The Circle'.

'Very handle to handle' release date

The series is set to release on April 17, 2020, on the offline streaming platform Netflix.


'Hand to handle' plot

The story of the 'Too Hot' series revolves around ten young and hot singles from around the world coming together in tropical paradise. What they thought was going to be the best and most bizarre summer of their life completes a turn. They are scared of all the commitments and are in casual hookups and are told to give up all if they want to win a $ 100,000 prize. These rules include no kissing, no self-satisfaction, and no heavy petting. Whenever someone breaks down, money goes down. Fans are excited to see if they can create an emotional connection to a bone sphere or whether they will be able to control their temptation.


'Hand to handle' cast

The streaming platform Netflix has not released the cast members' names. We will update the information as the information is updated.

'Handle to handle' trailer

Netflix has not yet released the trailer for the 'too hot to handle' series. But expect a lot of drama from the series.

Optional series for 'handle to handle'

  • 'Bachelor in Heaven'
  • 'Ex on the beach'
  • & # 39; Well & # 39;
  • & # 39; Love Is Blind & # 39;
  • 'The circle'
  • 'The Bachelorette'
  • 'Flirt dance'
  • 'Blind date'


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