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The Great Man's Office x Office Fee Collection: So there are viewers today, I'm going to inform you about Box office collection Of Great man Inside this post. The Great Man's Office x Office Fee Collection Along with this, you will also find information about this Great Man's Day Greetings Collection. You will also learn about Worldwide collection. The release date of this film was about to start May 6, 2020. But due COVID-19, Had to change its date. The Great Man Worldwide Collection.

Great man Is one Play Indian film. That Director Of the film Tamilvannan And Author Tamilvannan. This is the producer of the film Om Prakash Bhatt, Sujay Shankarwar, Kumar Thakur. It is made under T-Series Product banner.

Those stars Amitabh Bachchan, Aparshakti Khurana, Ramya Krishnan, S.J. Surya, Monazir Khan Shown in the lead role. A budget other than this . 36 C.R. This is kept in the film.

The Great Man budget, hit or flop, star cast, release date and story | Great Man Box X Office Fee Collection | Happy day | Worldwide
The Great Man budget, hit or flop, star cast, release date and story

Great Man's Day Wishes Office Fee Collection

Now we know about day boy b office x office fee collection The Great Man 2020 Movie. Which you will know exactly. This is Amitabh The 6th movie of the year in 2020. Whose brain is much larger.

Happy day Indian net collection
Day 1 [1st Wednesday] . 0.00 crore
Day 2 [1st Thursday] . 0.00 crore
Day 3 [1st Friday] . 0.00 crore
Day 4 [1st Saturday] . 0.00 crore
Day 5 [1st Sunday] . 0.00 crore
6 days [1st Monday] . 0.00 crore
Day 7 [1st Tuesday] . 0.00 crore
Day 8 [2st Wednesday] . 0.00 crore
Day 9 [2st Thursday] . 0.00 crore
Day 10 [2st Friday] . 0.00 crore
11 days [2st Saturday] . 0.00 crore
Day 12 [2st Sunday] . 0.00 crore
Day 13 [2st Monday] . 0.00 crore
Day 14 [2st Tuesday] . 0.00 crore
Day 15 [3st Wednesday] . 0.00 crore
Day 16 [3st Thursday] . 0.00 crore
17 days [3st Friday] . 0.00 crore
18 days [3st Saturday] . 0.00 crore
Total net collection 0.00 crore
Name Great man
Release date 6-May-2020 * Expected

Weekend Office X Office Fee Collection

I have given information about you Great Men's Day through Office X Office Fee Collection This post so now we know about the collection of office x box fees during the film week so that the collection of this film can be better understood. This will help you get the correct figure, so let us know about it Weekend collection Without delay.

By week Weekly Net Collection
Week 1 Collection . 0.00 crore
Week 2 Collection . 0.00 crore
Week 3 Collection . 0.00 crore
Total weekend collection ₹ 0.00 crore

Other collection and budget

I have given you information about Amitabh’s weekly collection within this post, so now we know about some other collections. like Worldwide collection And More season collection And net Total box office collection, You will be asked by this post. This movie is a Budget of C 36Cr. These are just our expectations.

The Great Man Worldwide Collection . 0.00Cr
India Gross Collection . 0.00Cr
The Great Man Budget ₹ 36 Cr * Expectation
Over Season Collection . 0.00Cr
Attitude Nothing

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