Google Pay Go India Game Kolkata City Event Quiz Answers – Win 100 .100


    Google Pay Go India Game Kolkata City Event Quiz Answers Today: So hey guess welcome to our Gapay Go India Kolkata City Quiz Answers Blog post. There are many people who are searching for answers to Google's Kolkata Event Quiz. We offer you "Gapay Go India Kolkata City Quiz Answers”Today for you and you can win by reading this article in full.

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    Google is competing with its payment sharing platform Google Pay, which "Google Pay-Go India Game“. The competition has been going on for several months. Many have not yet completed the Go India event. Earlier we told you about "Google Pay Color Event Quiz Answer". You can submit all correct answers by visiting Kolkata City from 25th December to 26th December 2020. If you give all the correct answers, you will receive ₹ 100 cash from Google Pay in your bank account.

    Google Pay Go India Game Kolkata City Event Quiz Answers Today - Win 100 .100

    How to play Google Pay Go India game? Kolkata City Event?

    Step 1: Open your smartphone Go to Go India game under Google Pay app.

    Step 2: You can see that you have to click on the icon of Go India Color Event Quiz.

    • Share Go India Map or City photo every day
    • Recharge any number
    • Pay here for Google Play Recharge Code.
    • Scan through Google Pay QR codes
    • Pay the bills
    • Pay at MakeMyTrip
    • Buy gold

    Step 3: Wait 3 seconds, all answers 8 answers accurately | Win tickets ₹ 5 to C 100 Cash Google Pay account.

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    How to earn tickets?

    If you have not yet completed your Go India ticket, you can get your required tick through the information given below.

    • Share Go India Photo or Map / Win Ticket or KM Daily.
    • Recharge any prepaid plan and win ticket or KM daily.
    • Pay DTH, electricity bill / win ticket or KM daily.

    This is Google Pay Go India Game Kolkata City Event All Answers:

    1. Answer: Park Street
    2. Answer: All this
    3. Advertisement
    4. Answer: Shukto
    5. Answer: Garden of Eden
    6. Ans: Never open Gap or enter UPI to get money
    7. Answer: 1984
    8. Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
    9. Answer: Park Street

    Google Pay Go India Game Kolkata City Event Quiz Answers – Win Ticket & UP ₹ 100

    Q1. When is Kolkata Metro operational?

    Answer: 1984

    Q 2. Which OS is not the following Bengali sweet?

    Answer: Shukto

    Q3. Is Puchka also known?

    Answer: All this

    Q4. Known as the third largest cricket stadium in the world (in Kolkata)?

    Answer: Eden Gardens

    Q5. X – Mother Teresa is decorated during the Mass. How else do we know?

    Answer: Park Street

    Q. You receive a call on Christmas Eve stating that you have won a "festive lottery" of Rs 5 lakh. All you need to do is scan a QR code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it. You should:

    Answer: Never open a GPA or enter a UPI to receive money

    Q7. In Jorasco Mansion, you will see the house of which Bengali legend?

    Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

    Q8. X – Mother Teresa is decorated during the Mass. How else do we know?

    Answer: Park Street

    Click and go to Kolkata event

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    Google Pay Kolkata Event Quiz Answers T&C:

    1. To win the Go India Champion Prize of ગો 5- ₹ 100 for all cities of Go India Games from 25th December 2020 – 26th December 2020 at 11:59 am.

    2. To visit a city in the game, collect both city tickets and kilometers (km). The more you collect the more cities you can visit.

    City. City tickets and K.M. Given randomly. You will be able to collect any cities or KM through various actions. Tap the ticket or KM icon to learn more.

    Similar. You can collect a limit of 1 city ticket or KM to pay the same merchant or person in one day. Pay different beneficiaries, get more!

    5. Your KM will expire if you do not join the game within 48 hours of acceptance.

    The. In your opportunity you can collect tickets or K.M. On the chance to see no, simply exit and open the game once again. It may take up to an hour to show up

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