Google and Voice are the top 5 best apps for your desktop


Google v .is Is a free service that allows anyone with a Gmail address to make phone calls, receive voice email and send text messages. It is available in both Android and iOS operating operating systems and you can choose your own special number if it is available. If you are running a small build up business, we can use this Google and voice as another option for contact because of the cheapness of office fees. Google Voice is a fast calling sex process and the tariff is different from all other calling sex services.

We all know that the business cooperative world is completely immersed in Google. All of the apps we're using have been created by Google. Is Google Voice Calling the best option and it helps us to convert courses and manage problems easily with the client. If you download Google Voice, you should not close the page if you want to receive notifications of call alert messages. Actually it is not practically possible. Thus, we can use some Google and voice is desktop application.

Google and Voice are the top 5 best apps for your desktop

To start this Google Voice, we need to create a Google Voice account. Just sign up with your Google Account and Google Voice allows you to choose a number. This number will win them all when we call or message. We need to sign up for Google and voice account with real number. They will send a verification link, verify and activate your Google Voice account with your new Google Voice number. After Google and voice have created this number and started using it, we need a good desktop application to receive calls or message alerts. The best application for this is:

Google and voice through Google

It is basically an extension. This will link to Chrome and this Chrome extension will help us stay connected. This will notify us of calls, SMS, alerts through the Chrome browser on your desktop. It works on almost all popular operating operating systems such as Windows, Windows and Linux.


The main use of this extension is;

  • It gives quick access to your recent contacts.
  • Audio Dio alerts for each of our new notifications.
  • Easy to handle like a word on a mobile phone.

And Voicemail

This is the first Google Voice client for the operating system. We can easily do all the necessary things in this, sending multiple messages, making calls, receiving voice email etc. Google and Voice is a very easy and friendly application for Mac use in the field of mail.

Google and this application

This is completely and application instead of fading. This is also developed by Google. It helps keep Google and voice open on the desktop. It works primarily on Adobe AIR, thus it works on all operating operating systems. One of the most reliable and authoritative application.


It is a free website that serves and monitors your Google Account and notifies or alerts you when you receive a new message or voicemail. GVmax is a high-tech application, as it can be linked and we can be notified that we are all social media platforms like Twitter FB browsers etc. We can also do instant messaging from this app.

GV Notifier

This is another powerful application that brings Google voice to your Windows desktop. This is a very good app that alerts us to all notifications. This application is actually used in Windows XP, Vista etc.

Bottom line –

Google and voicemail is one of the best services available from Google. It's actually a paid service, but because of its ease of use, we can say that it is cheaper than other voicemail services. It will be very useful if we work in the business world.

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