Four More Shots Season 2 Trailer Released: Four friends pass through Istanbul and Udaipur to pump your adrenaline.


Four more shots of Amazon Prime please! Is set to return with its season on April 17th. In the first season Kriti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Manvi Gagru and Bani J. Four More Shots Season One deals with four very unpredictable yet flawless women who know that life, out of love, makes mistakes and finds them on a daily basis. When they realize all these aspects, they become stronger as a group. Mix this equation with alcohol into millennial alcohol and you have a girl gang that will investigate.

The creators of the show have tried to create a platform that audiences can still dive into a new arena that will produce valuable content. One aspect that every friend in the circle wants to aspire to is to travel together, explore new territories, and break into new areas that bring out the best in you. In Season 1, the girls were traveling on a road to Goa when at this time they crossed the seas to the glorious land of Istanbul and approached them with a trip to Udaipur.

Four more shots please! Season 2 Trailer Review

This time around the trailer, Damini Rizvi Roy, Anjana Menon and Umang Singh come together after a long time to find their friend Sidhi Patel. Anjana says that they have not been in contact for a while, but Umang has insisted that he is required to travel to Istanbul in search of achievement. When Siddhi finally lost his virginity from last season, he was thirsty for sex. In Istanbul she is found to have sexual relations with a man who turns out to be a hooker. Four friends reunite to explore the beautiful space they are in and solve the difficulties that life puts on.

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🚨Cant. To keep Calm.🚨 The trailer for the new season of #ForMoreShotPuples, please be out in less than 24 hours! 🤩 @ 4moreshotspls @PrimeVideoIN

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Anjana and her ex-husband seem to be back for sexual relations. This is not something to be overlooked she is currently expecting a baby with her fiancé. She's struggling to become an independent strong lawyer in a male-dominated profession, and finally sets foot on saying she can balance her personal and professional life very well, but that doesn't mean the men in her profession find her any less than they are. Do not believe. General Chat Chat Lounge Anjana filed a new case and surrounded the defense lawyer. If this is something serious then what can be known this season.


Damini writes a book that his contemporaries say may not be published. She's worried it's probably her thing but she's convinced the publication might have a problem because her book isn't very good. There is confusion between Damini Jeh and Dr .. Aamir. She has sexual encounters with both but is unable to decide who she wants to be with.

Umung is set to become the best fitness trainer in the country and is currently in a relationship with an actress. His partner used to be in the closet but now on the red carpet when asked if they were in a relationship because they openly kissed each other. Achievement is in search of itself. A year ago she was a virgin who had no sexual experience but today she is on the ranch. She asks the mother of her high society what her sexual fantasy is.

Four More Shots Please lift the soul of the entire trailer for Season 2 and make it worth the wait. Creators have enhanced the level of the series and extravagant places just add to the beauty. The journey we started with each character just continues to develop the character arc to the next stage. To this day, what has happened a year ago is easily violated and can be seen by the trailer. The trailer makes the viewer to ask for more. It is full of color and spice. There are questions left and an appetite for more. Every scene is moving fast and fast which increases the curiosity. Four More Shots Please Season 2 Trailer certainly lives up to expectations. Viewers will be eagerly waiting for the series to be streamed on Amazon Prime Video from April 17, 2020.

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