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Description Foot Clinic – ASMR Foot Care

Have you ever wondered what the life of a foot doctor would involve? Well, that career is definitely not easy, as you will soon find out. Scrap prunings from patients ’feet, handle pedicures and much more. Experience every aspect of the medical field and download Foot Doctor ASMR Fit Care for Android.

Management on customers

Your operating room is filled with a line of patients. What will you do The only thing you can do is run and heal each one of them.

Once you have successfully adjusted your client, they will give you money. In addition, you will gain additional experience that will go to your instrument arsenal. The more experienced a leg doctor you become, the more tools can be used at your disposal.


There's also a little added bonus: once you've finished working on the client, you hear a jingle and it will dance fast for you.

Keep your eyes peeled: Sometimes high-end customers will come with cash in hand. Thus, always be sure to take great care of them.

You can use your earned money to further improve your operating operating room. Add a variety of decorations and furniture to your office floor to give it a more comfortable and personal look. Is there a little dull vibe in the living room? Just add one extra plant to brighten the mood. Likewise, if it ever feels too empty, add a new table in the corner.

List of tools

Here is a list of tools available to unlock the game experience:

  • The first is the scraper, which is available from scratch. You can use it to relieve any itching on the soles of one's feet.


  • Next, you have the pedicure tool. This tool can be used to regenerate any blackheads or blemishes on your feet. They should look not only clean, but also good.
  • Tweezers and pedicure scissors are used to remove nails. This can be useful if someone has a gun building under their toes.
  • Soap & Flusher is used to wash away any dirt, grime, and gunk under the client's toenails. No one wants to make that crust and have smelly toes, right?
  • Now, foot rasp is used to remove all excess dead skin. Not only this, but this tool is also useful for repairing broken or damaged skin on your feet.
  • Pedicure pliers are used to remove damaged layer of toenails. When they make too much crust and rot, it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Long toes? Want a little something like Bigfoot? That’s where the tonal clippers come in. You will need this to manage your clients' nail length.

Download fore-clinic-asmr-foot care for Android

  • Finally, the last tool is a foot-care cream. You will need this to take care of many old or dry feet. They can be easily identified by the greenness and dullness around their feet.


Foot Clinic ASMR Foot Care is displayed in 3D graphics with some basic and bare bones that you will never see. Each is very simple and easy, with almost no details. However, it is not necessary to stray from the entertainment value of the visual game. Anyone can still enjoy the game regardless of the graphics or with it.

You can download a modified version of the APK here. The difference between the versions is that the revised version is a little more polished.

Choose whichever version suits you best. Simply, be sure to take care and try your best to ensure a smooth career as a foot doctor cutter.

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