Flipkart records highest single day sale, earning ros 200mn

    E-commerce company Flipkart has reported sales of about 200 200 million Monday was the longest single-day sale in the company’s history, a company spokesman said arnkro.com.

    The sale is the result of a massive advertising campaign run by the company ahead of the upcoming festive season in India.

    According to market estimates, e-tailors like Flipkart are expected to spend around Rs 100-00 crore on advertising during October, which is three times more than the usual money spent in a stable position, says research and consulting firm Redsir Consulting.

    This is the third Big Billion Days sale powered by Flipkart.

    Analysts say the sale of e-commerce this season could be a make-or-break break for many Indian retail online retailers, especially Flipkart, competing with the US giant Amazon.

    In June, Amazon, Inc. announced an additional રોકાણ 3 billion investment in its Indian unit. This comes after the 2014 2 billion investment announced in July 2014 was scrapped.

    This new infusion of funds comes at a time when homegrown e-commerce companies are struggling to raise money.

    Yet, when it comes to pricing strategies for Flipkart mobile phones, at least when it comes to peers it seems boring.


    According to a report by Bangalore-based research firm Redsir, Flipkart has recorded the lowest average prices among popular non-exclusive mobile stock keeping units listed on its platform compared to Amazon and Snapdeal. On monday.

    The average price of a non-exclusive mobile phone on Flipkart is Rs. 7,900 and on Amazon and Snapdeal Rs. 7,800, compared to Rs. 7,500.

    Amazon led the race when it came to the consumer, electronics and large appliance segments. Redsier said that for the same Amazon, Rs. 4,050, Rs. 4,200 for Flipkart and Rs. 4,300 for Snapdeal, Ridsier said.

    According to Redsier, television became the primary source that raised awareness about the festival’s sales.

    About 68 percent of those surveyed said they were aware of the ongoing festival sales of at least one e-commerce company.

    Of those, 64 percent said they found information about sales through television commercials. Social media then awakened 49 percent of people, according to the Redsea survey.

    No queries were immediately answered by Snapdeal and Amazon arnkro.com.



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