Flipkart Fake or Fake 25 December Quiz Answers Today


    Flipkart Fake or Fake 25 December Quiz Answers Today

    So here it is Flipkart Fake or Fake 25 December Quiz Answers Today: The world’s largest ecommerce company is Amazon and India’s largest and ecommerce company, Flipkart is definitely named. As you may know, Flipkart also maintains quiz competition on its platform just like Amazon maintains quiz competition on its platform. One of Flipkart’s many quiz contests is the name of a popular contest “Flipkart fake and quiz answers 25 December“. So today we will tell you about the answer to this quiz through this blog post.

    Fake and Not Fake is a quiz created with Flipkart’s unique concept. In this quiz, the contestants only have to say right and wrong. The quiz was launched on the Flipkart platform on September 14, 2020. So far 3 seasons have passed in this quiz. There are 4 seasons of this quiz right now and you still have a chance to win. This is a great opportunity for you if you like challenges.

    This is the right time to identify your knowledge for “December 25 Flipkart Fake and Fake Quiz Answers”. By the way, all the information that is told to you in this quiz is general knowledge.

    In this quiz contest, you are asked a quiz via video. In this quiz you are given 2 options one is true and one is false. In both cases, you have to choose the right answers. If you choose correctly, you win the quiz.

    Time and date of winner announcement

    • Quiz Prizes – Gems, vouchers and prizes etc.
    • Total prizes – 1 lakh + prizes
    • Available at – Flipkart Game
    • Based on – Opinion
    • Show name – Season 4 (Episode 11)
    • Quiz Date – 25 December 2020
    • Daily Time – 12 AM – 12 PM
    • Winner Announcement – Soon

    December 25, How to play Flipkart fake or fake quiz answers?

    1. Go to Google Play and Apple Play Store and download Flipkart app.
    2. Open the Flipkart app and sign in
    3. Find “Gamezone” in your Flipkart app.
    4. Click “Gamezone” and see the list of all quiz contests.
    5. Click “Flipkart fake or not fake quiz“Competition.
    6. The answers to all 3 questions are correct.
    7. Answer all the questions and win amazing prizes.

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    Flipkart Fake or Fake Quiz Answers December 25 – Win Phone

    Here is Flipkart Fake or counterfeit Quiz Live Today:

    • Answers – Fake
    • Answers – Fake
    • Answers – Not fake

    Important note: & # 39; & # 39; You know the answers to the questions in this Flipkart quiz Rewrite button (1-2) Click above You can see the answers to this quiz.

    Update time: 12.01 AM (Note- If you do not see the answers: Get answers)


    Answer 1:


    Answer 2:


    Answer 3:

    Flipkart Fake or Fake Quiz Answers December 24 – Win Phone

    Q1: Politician Rabri Devi has a sister named Jalebi Devi.

    Answer 1: Fake

    Q2: Donald Trump worships India in a temple.

    Answer 2: Fake

    Q3: A dinosaur species named after Rabindranath Tagore.

    Answer 3: Fake

    Flipkart 23 December Quiz Answers

    Q1: Kamala Harris tweeted in support of the farmers’ protest.

    Answer 1: Fake

    Q2: Elephants are pregnant for 9 months before delivering their babies.

    Answer 2: Fake

    Q3: The Red Fort was originally white.

    Answer 3: Fake

    Flipkart Quiz Answers 22 December –

    Q1: Giraffe mums are born up

    Answer 1: Fake

    Q2: Mumbai’s Film City is the largest film city complex in the world

    Answer 2: Fake

    Q3: Shah Rukh Khan was born in Pakistan

    Answer 3: Fake

    Fake or Fake Quiz Answers 21 December

    Update time: 12.01 AM (Note- If you do not see the answers: Get answers)

    Q1: Himachal Pradesh produces more Apple Pal than Jammu and Kashmir

    Answer 1: Fake

    Q2: The man scene in the meme is Indian


    Answer 2: Fake

    Q3: The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in the world

    Answer 3: Not fake

    Click now and play the Flipkart Quiz

    Flipkart Fake or counterfeit Participate in quiz requirement

    How can you participate in this quiz and what you should do to play this quiz. We have provided some information for you below. This information tells you how prizes are played in this quiz.

    1. This quiz will run from 00 to 30 February 2021. Its duration is from 12 to 11.59 p.m.
    2. In this, individuals over 18 years of age or over 13 years of age can participate.
    3. You must have a verified Flipkart account.
    4. You have all the answers to 3 questions.
    5. In this you will be given 2 options fake end note. You have to choose the right answers.
    6. Whatever prizes and super coins you win in this, you will find in the rewards section of Flipkart.
    7. This quiz is only available for mobile users.

    How many guaranteed prizes are there in a fake or not fake quiz?

    1. . 1000 gift vouchers
    2. . 50 gift vouchers
    3. Free 25 super coins
    4. Free 20 super coins
    5. Free 10 super coins

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