Five games to spend time in Coronavirus Downdown or Self-Quarantine


The coronavirus epidemic has truly impacted the lives of each and every one of us, and its impact on daily life has been noted. In busy cities like Bengaluru, traffic is reduced and travel time is reduced which has caused pollution rate to go down really fast and make breathing easier. But lockdown has made life incredibly tedious.

All shows have been delayed and this entertainment and entertainment is out of reach, here we introduce you to five games you can play on your computer for entertainment.

1. Portal / Portal 2

Valve was known for his complex experiences in the industry when he was raised to be a sports studio. Games always require very fast thinking and involve a lot of skill.

The entire gameplay of 'Portal' revolves around solving complex puzzles using 'Portal Guns'. This game is a healthy dose to follow.

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3


'Uncharted' is a subtraction of the PlayStation. It's a long-running action-adventure series.

The gameplay is about an adventurer with a spirit on fire for ancient ruins and hidden treasures, named Nathan Drake. Nathan Drake travels around the world looking for pieces of the earth with his friends.

Platforms: PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

3.Hello Night

This game was recommended during a steam sale and is still at the top of our list. It is a metrodivia where you are playing the role of a silent protagonist. Drawn by an ancient plague wake, it runs into a different state of error.


The game was created by a small indie studio outside of Australia. The game has won many awards for its gameplay, design, animation and music.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

St. Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley has been created entirely by one man and has received many accolades.

The game is inspired by "Harvest Moon", StartDay Valley. It's created by Eric Baron, gameplay is an endless farming simulator with no real goal in mind. The player makes his character and gets a small patch of land and his duty is to turn it into a field.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PlayStation 4, Android

5. Star Wars JD: Fallen Order Order

No one expected EA to make a good Starwars game after its feud with Star Wars: Battlefront II. The gameplay is about Jedi Padawan, Cal Kastis, who is hiding under the spell of empire. He escapes into hiding from the clan led by Darth Vader.

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4



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