Filmzilla Website 2020 – Download Bollywood Movies – Is It Safe?


We know clearly that in India, about five to ten movies will be released every week in different languages ​​in different regions. This is the reason that India has become the largest film making country in the world. People in India are connected to cinema in a ganne way.

In earlier days, there was no internet, so the only way to watch a movie is to visit theaters. If you miss a specific movie in theaters, you have to wait a long time for the film to be released on television.

But these days, in a world full of internet, we can stream and download movies. Here are the details of various websites. Take a look below

Many sites are available free of charge on the Internet. Filmzilla is one of them. This website Filmzilla has recently become very popular. So here is the detailed information about Filemizilla.


For those people who have the habit of downloading nonline movies, this is the best site for you. Filmzilla is a website that includes films from different languages ​​that are released across the country. You can also find Bollywood, latest Hollywood films, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Punjabi language films.

Sometimes the site is not updated but it can be easily accessed. Users can easily control this website and take whatever they want from the site. But make sure your computer has any installed VPNs before downloading movies from the site.

The website always uploads a movie to a movie format, that is – DVDSCR, Blu-ray, HDRP, DVDRP, 720p, 1080p. Movie size can be 300 MB, 400 MB, 600 MB, 1 GB and sometimes even more.

For many reasons, this site always includes proxy or secondary links such as, fmmymizilla.ap,, fmmymizilla.n, fmzmizilla-bez, fmzmzillamzmi.mi.

Features of Filmzilla

Here are the basic features you gained using Filemizilla.

  • Filmzilla is a full service nonlinear service.
  • The list of websites varies by region / country.
  • This service is free, you don't have to wait for the DVD to reach you.
  • You can download and watch the movie together.
  • It also has an auto to-play feature where it automatically plays the next episode in the TV series without any interruption.

Methods for downloading movies from Filmzilla

Downloading movies from the site requires several steps. There are some issues you need to keep in mind when downloading because we have already stated that Filmzilla is a Torrent-like website, and Torrent websites are banned in different countries. Therefore, we use VPN as mentioned above so that it can hide your IP address and also change your location so that you are safe.

Take a look below for a detailed process

  • First, install any VPN application that is right for your system.
  • Then go to any of the Filmzilla proxy sites we listed above.
  • Now, you can select the movie you want from the collection.
  • While downloading the film you have selected, you can clearly read the movie-size, peers, ladders, information about lecturers, descriptions, description
  • In the last step, you must select a specific rent rent file. After selecting the file, Utorrent or any Rent Rentals client will start downloading the movie files.

What's interesting now is that when you reach a page, a specific ad will start to play and therefore you will be redirected to other sites. This is one of the main ways in which Filemizilla makes money.


Categories of Filmzilla:

When you are on the site, you will pass through several categories. There are different types of genres that are exciting and interesting. Based on that, we've listed the top categories for this website below.

  1. Filmzilla Bollywood: This category includes all the latest Bollywood industry films, they are all Hindi language films released in India. Some of the recent films are Tanhaji, Printer, Malang, Good News, etc.
  2. Filmzilla Punjabi: All Punjabi language films fall under this category, some of them English, Jat and Juliet, Rabba da Radio, Lung Lachi, Ardas and many more.
  3. Filmmila Tamil: This category includes all the latest Bollywood films, Tamil language films like Durbar, ai nai nokai pai chhota, Draupati, Kathy and Biggil.
  4. Filmzilla Malayalam: This category includes all the latest Malayalam movies, latest Malayalam movies like Big Brother, Shylock, Trance, Muthan etc.
  5. FilmMezilla Telugu: This category includes all the latest Bollywood movies, most recent Telugu movies such as Ciriliru Nikevaru, Ala Vaikuntapuramulu, Janu, etc.
  6. Filmzilla Kannada: This category contains popular names like Rangi Orange, Pilawan, Tigaru, Lucia, Kirik Party, Yogram, etc.
  7. Filmmila Marathi: Popular Marathi films included in this category include Sairat, Natrang, Natsamrut, Jogan, Foundry, Breath.
  8. Filmzilla Hollywood: This is a great distribution of Hollywood movies under this category – 2012, King Kong, Titanic, Avengers Series, The Dark Knight and more.

We know that movies are important because they relieve stress and also entertain them. So, here are some alternative filemzilla websites if that doesn't work.

1. Khatrimaja

If you are looking for a perfect Indian website, then this will be on top. Piracy has become so easy and commonplace these days, almost everyone has the habit of downloading movies online. This website is very popular for all Hindi language films which are also available in HD quality

2. TamilRockers

This is another famous Indian website which was founded in 2011 by Bootleg Corporation Network. It became so popular that the website found many proxy sites. Initially, the site used only Tamil language films, and soon after the site became famous, it started making films in other languages.

3. MovieRules

This movie is a great option for Filmzilla because this site has films of all languages. This website is great for users who are looking for a movie in Indian regional languages. The list includes films in Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, Bhojpuri. But sometimes, the website can't include Hollywood movies. Despite this problem, there is still a download option on this site where you can download the movies you want.

We do not promote pirates at, this article is for educational purposes only. Downloading pirated content is a crime and you will be jailed under the anti-piracy law. Watch movies in theaters or on any OTT platforms.



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