Everything you need to know about Ratan Kahar songwriter from the original version of the rhino flower


On March 26, the singer-songwriter Badshah's latest song title 'Ginda Phool' was released. The song features the beautiful and captivating Jacqueline Fernandez. Although this song was much appreciated by the audience and million on YouTube. Despite crossing a million views, it has also entered into a controversy. The song's catchline features the songs 'Boro Lokare Biti Lo', which is part of a famous Bengali song. The song received praise from the king's fans as well as the Bengali community, but the rapper slipped into a situation and accused him of theft. The song was put on the line without giving any credit to Ratan Kahar, the original producer of the Bengali folk song. Credit for these songs was given to the king when the song was uploaded to YouTube. After facing a lot of flopping for this, YouTube eventually changed it and gave the necessary credits to the original Bengali ballad.

Hometown of Ratan Kahar

Ratan Kahar lives in Birbhum district in West Bengal. He recently lost a home because it was demolished because he had no money. He is currently living in a temporary headquarters.


The Unknown Facts of Brooke Warnock

  • Ratan Kahar's original song Boro Locker Bitin was initially accepted back in 1976 by singer Swapna Chakraborty. Subsequently, Chakraborty and Kahar worked together in many Bengali films and music, but his credit always went to Chakraborty. The song went to the Golden Disc Awards.
  • Ratan Kahar has also sung at Kolkata's Akashwani radio station. After that, Ratan Kahar started working under the supervision of Sanya wearing the skyline.
  • Ratan Kahar became famous for years as a singer and songwriter and comes out after earning money from his songs. He was always in the dark and never got the credit he deserved.

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