Everything you need to know about Khushi Mukherjee: Relationships, Boyfriend, Career, Unknown Facts Revealed!


Khushi Mukherjee is an actress and model Dale who was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is known for her role in the custom 'Love Festival'. But his shot to fame was through the reality show Splitsvilla. After his career took off due to Splitsvilla, he started acting in various Telugu and Kannada films. Khushi Mukherjee recently starred in the Riti Riwaj Love Festival web series which is set to air on Ullu Entertainments.

Khushi Mukherjee Age and date of birth

Khushi was born on November 24, 1996 and Khushi Mukherjee is 23 years old

Khushi Mukherjee parents

Khushi's father's name is Sarjeet Mukherjee and his mother's name is Kamalika Mukherjee

Khushi Mukherjee height and weight

Happiness 164 cm. It weighs about 58 kg. Her eye color is brown and her hair color is also brown.

Khushi Mukherjee Body Measurements

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B adventurous girl, confident woman and brave woman #girl #adventure #girmala #confidence #woman #woman

A post shared by Khushi Mukherjee (@Khushi_Mukhirji) on April 24, 2020 at 10:51 PM P.D.T.

The size of Khushi's bra is 34D. Khushi's waist size is 30 and her bust size is 36

Khushi Mukherjee's hometown

Khushi's hometown is Mumbai, Maharashtra. His nationality is Indian and he is a practicing Hindu.

Khushi Mukherjee Educational Qualification

Khushi's primary education was at St. Lawrence High School. She went to Shriram K College Ledge to complete her education. Khushi has a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Khushi Mukherjee Instagram

Khushi's Instagram handle is @khushi_mukherjee. She currently has a total of 790k followers.


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I will leave the pick and die for my beauty, I will not plant another flower, I can forget, not hard to forget !! #wild #beauty #possible #influence

A post shared by Khushi Mukherjee (@Khushi_Mukhirji) on April 29, 2020 at 3:14 p.m.

Khushi Mukherjee Relationship Status

Khushi Mukherjee is currently single. There has been no discussion about who she is dating. She is like maintaining a balance between her career and her personal life and professional life.

Khushi Mukherjee Unknown facts

  • Khushi is a bold actor in the web series category
  • Khushi has been a part of Kannada and Telugu movies
  • Happiness's favorite actress is Scarlett Johansson
  • Khushi's favorite actor is Salman Khan
  • Happiness's favorite sport is Rafael Nadal
  • Khushi loves to wear Indian clothes like sari
  • Happiness's favorite movie is Dracula
  • Happiness's favorite TV show is Game Th Th Throne
  • Happiness is a favorite holiday destination in Russia and the Maldives
  • The favorite color of happiness is blue
  • Hobbies include dancing and scuba diving

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