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E-Form Assam There is a government service provider portal Assam Assam People who can apply online for e-governance services Using E-forms of Assam Portal citizens and CSC owners can apply for services from their center / home.

To benefit from E-District Assam Services. First, you have to register on the portal after registering so you can take advantage. I have discussed the registration process of e-district Assam.

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How to Apply for E-Form Assam Services

This service is for Indian citizens only and Assam residents. You must register on the e-district Assam portal to access e-form services.

Click here for how to register on e-District Assam Portal. After registering, you can access all Assam services such as birth, death, income, creamy lore, PRC certification, etc.

Iform Assam Services

Follow the steps to Apply Online –

  • Create e-District ID
  • Login with your e-District ID
  • Click here to count Login on e-Form Portal
  • Now click on the E-Form tab
  • Click the drop-down menu
  • Select the service you want to apply for and
  • Click the Go button
  • Your selected file will be displayed
  • Now click on Submit Online
  • Fill out your application form online
  • Finally upload all the required documents of the size listed
  • Fill the captcha and submit the application form
  • Now complete the application fee of Rs 30
  • An acknowledgment receipt will be generated
  • Take a print out copy of this acceptance.

Finally, you complete the e-form Assam application online application submission, you will now get the results of your selected services in seven to ten working days.

Download the E-Form Assam form and the supporting documentation application

E-Form Services Application For a nonlinear application, you first need to know about the document requirements and the downloaded application form. Each service has a specific application form that you need to download and fill out the offline line after uploading it to the લાઇન submission submission.

First, read the entire process for the specific service you need. All the details for each of the details are listed in advance. Click here to download the application form and learn about the document requirements.

E-Form Assam Services –

Tend purpose marriage notice
અર Application for information under RTI
Reg Application for Marriage Registration
. Application for stamp vendor license
• Buckle clearance certificate
• Caste Certificate
Come Income Certificate
Erman Permanent Residence Certificate
પરવાનગી Permission for delayed birth registration
પરવાનગી Permission for late death registration
F fair / religious / cultural festival / loud speaker /
Rallies / strikes
પરવાનગી Permission for special events U / S 144 CRPC
Next to K Affiliate Certificate
• Non-creamy layer
વિ Renew Explosive License
• Senior Citizen's Certificate
જન્મ Application for Birth Certificate
Application for transfer of registration to another district
Certified copies of the Cause List, judgment
કરો Issue duplicate mark sheet AHSEC
Mark Duplicate Mark Sheet Issue SEBA
. Apply for new registration
ર્ Dedication of Employment Exchange Cards
વે Permission to transfer property through mortgage, lease, gift, sale
નોંધ Application of Registration DDS
Issuance of Ig Migration Certificate SEBA
Oral Election Roll Application Certified Copy Copy
ડ્રાઇવ Application for renewal of driving license
અર Application for Death Certificate
Ner learner's license application
Uplic Duplicate Pass Certificate AHSC Issue
મૂલ્યાંકન Evaluation of stamp duty and registration fee
Application to change name / address / age
અન Issuing the Un-Annumber Certificate
. Issuance of Land Assessment Certificate
Submitting an Application for Utation Change
Certified copy of the Utation Change Order
Rights Issue (Forced)
Ving Driving License Application
Issue of Uplic Duplicate Pass Certificate SEBA
Ig Migration Certificate AHSC Issue
પ્રથમ Application for First Appeal
જા Application for fresh licenses of fertilizers / pesticides
Application for a Fertilizer / Pesticide Renewal License
જમીન Application for land holding certificate
. Application for Driving Test


You can take advantage of all these services that are needed. And you can visit your administrator section for help with your application purposes.

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  2. E-Form Login Count
  3. Download and document the application form

Applies to the status of the asymmetric application

If you have applied for any certification in IforSam and you would like to know about your application status, follow the instructions –

District Assam

  • Go to e-District Assam website
  • In the app, fill out the Status section with your application number
  • Click on the status where you can see your application status

How to Download Certificate of Assam Assam

You will need to download your certificate download offline after your application is approved. See the steps below to download your certificate –

Download Iform Assam Certificate

  • Login Login on the eForce Portal
  • Click to get status tab
  • Click Check Ifers Status Now
  • Please provide your application number
  • Then, download your certificate by clicking the Download button.

Your certificate is digitally signed that you need to manually verify through Adobe Reader software. See the process as follows –

Certificate Digital Sign Verification

  • Open your certificate with Adobe Reader
  • Right-click the icon (?)
  • Click on Show Signature Properties
  • Click Show signature certificate
  • Now click on the Trust tab
  • Tick ​​all bits and
  • Click Add to Trusted Certificate and click OK
  • Now click on the Validate Signature

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