Durga 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga saved the lives of Dev and Damini


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Scene 1
Durga calls her parents, Shehal asks where is she? Come back home. Durga says I can't come back right now, I'm fine. Shehl says God is crazy and he's driving you crazy too, you're with him, right? Durga says I am fine and mother is with me. She ends the call and tells Batra not to pick her up if they call again, thanking him. Bless her and leave.

The god comes to her window and smiles at Durga. Damini also stands beside him and looks at God. He pushes God away from the window and closes it. Damini says you thought you could have a romance with a girl and I am you? I told you clearly in the hospital that Alok's life is in his hands. God cries and says please do nothing with it. She sits at his feet, Damini says you know what I am capable of so do nothing against me. He thinks that I have somehow sent this Durga.

Durga is sleeping at night. Amaresh leaves a poisonous snake near Durga and comes to Damini. She told him she would not survive anymore. Durga wakes up and sees a snake in front of her. Damini looks at him through the window and says his time is running out now. Durga is scared and prays to the mother. The snake gets out of there. Mother Durga is thanking the queen and watching the snake move the wall and go to the window of God. He screams to open the door. All family members come to the lounge. Durga cries to open the door. Damini says no one will open the door. The serpent enters God's room through the window. Durga prays snd pushes on the door, it opens and she screams for God. Damini recalls how the letter said he would never let the girl into the house.

Durga rushes to Dev’s room and knocks on his door. She asked him to open the door. God woke up and saw the snake coming towards him. He is scared. Durga sees the door locked and prays to the queen. It easily breaks the lock and goes inside the room. All members of the family are amazed. Durga enters the time room to see a snake bite at the feet of God. She tears her scarf and ties it to her legs. He sucks poison from his feet. Tara enters the room and screams at the snake. The snake escaped. Tara tells God to wake up. Durga is stepping on her feet. God woke up and looked at Durga. Tara asks is that okay? Mother Durga thanks the queen. Damini comes there and tells Durga to get lost. Tara says the snake bit God and he saved his life. Damini grabbed Durga and banged her head on the wall, he starts to take Durga from there but slips and falls from the balcony. Durga held her hand while she was hanging from the balcony. All are shocked. Damini screams for help and remembers how Durga was hanging from a rock and how she pushed him from there. Amresh and Samarth hold it, pull it. Damini looks in front of Durga and says this girl is a sin, tell her to lose. Durga gets dizzy but Damini grabs her and starts taking her away. Durga crumbles so Tara stops Damini, she says she got poison from God, you don't have humanity. Amaresh told Damini that if she died we would go to jail. He takes her from there. Tara takes care of Durga.
Amaresh tells Damini that since she is married to Dev Durga will somehow enter the house, we can also have accidents at home.


Prek AP P – Damini reads the letter that Shakti has entered the house. Your end is near. Durga enters the house, God sits with her and says I will not leave her. Damini tells Durga that she is safe outside, she made a big mistake by entering the house.

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