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Director AR Murugadoss's film 'Darbar' has been released. It features Rajinikanth as an angry cop named Aditya Arunasalam. Durbar is purely Rajinikanth's film. The story revolves around them. It is being said that this is Rajinikanth's last film.

Durbar Full HD Movie Download, Kuttimovies | Durbar Movie

Durbar Full HD Movie Download, Kuttimovies

In Murugadoss's film, the protagonist never follows the rule book. But with the work, the actors definitely make a place in the hearts of the audience, they definitely do. Aditya Arunasalam has been sent to Mumbai for a special operation. Where they have to catch the city’s drug dealers supplying drugs.

The film begins with several murders and encounters. Also, in the headlines of many newspapers, Aditya has been portrayed as a 'killer' and a police officer has no morals to work with.

During the parade, Aditya met Ajay Malhotra (Pritik Babbar) who is the city's main drug supplier. Ajay Malhotra is the son of many big businessmen in Mumbai. While Aditya is searching for Ajay and planning to catch him, suddenly City Gangster Hari Chopra has entered. Those who challenge Aditya to catch Ajay soon and threaten to kill the Mumbai police one by one if they do not do so soon.


There are many flaws in this film too. In the first part you will only see Rajinikanth, he has made a big impact on the screen. From action to slow walking and glasses, Rajinikanth has won the hearts of the audience with his look. Nayantara is given very little space in the film and her character is also one that cannot be traced. The role of gangster Hari Chopra is played by Sunil Shetty, who is shown to be quite cruel.

Niveta Thomas has been given a lot of screen space and had a lot of fun in her scenes with Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth fans can see this film as entertainment.

Final words

Durbar Full HD movie is on Kuttimovies and if you don't have time, enjoy watching time.

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