Drama with Ellie, then entertainment with Rakhi on Bigg Boss


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The outout work is still going on and the householders are in the garden area. They have been branded as prisoners and are still not allowed inside the Bigg Boss house. They are all extremely anxious and always on edge because they do not have access to luxury items. Their rations are limited and limited to essentials only. So, when given the chance to get a little fresh, personalized coffee supply until the end of their journey of 100 units, the people of the house are willing to pay any price.

To avoid what finally happened when the housemates were given sweets and rushed inside each house, Eli decided to stand in front of the door and prevent people from entering. Rakhi Sawant is angry that she is not allowed to enter and take coffee, Eli is refusing to move. Later, however, he announced that only Devoli could enter the house and get coffee. Abhinav gets annoyed that Ali is now changing his attitude and approving Devolina. The two who were once friends, now he enters a fierce fighting match and hugs each other!


This is the time of entertainment as Rakhi Sawant takes the floor and kicks her antics with genthi gear! He starts frying Rahul and then moves on to the next. The junta is given the opportunity to vote live and decide if Raki is the perfect entertainer! Rakhi does everything to win. From making salsa at home to bringing back her altered ego, half-funny and half-scary, Julie!

Will Ellie and Abhinav be enemies or allies? Will Rakhi win the title of entertainer?

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